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Joiner's works

Today, perhaps, it is for certain not known, when there were actually first joiners, having allocated from the most ancient representatives of a human race. Absolutely clearly one - happens it rather long before an our birth, and for the first time joiner's art inhabitants of a countryside have seized.

Possibly, surrounding conditions have affected, an abundance of fresh air, nearness to shepherds and shepherdesses, idyllic moods … is possible, all has begun with ordinary brevnyshka, hastily cleared of a bark - the equipment of a worthy sit-round gathering of the far ancestor on a bosom of the nature with the ladylove.

And here experts explain occurrence of joiner's skill in a countryside is quite banal: the pier, is closer to the nature, and, so, a material for work it is more and practice to be engaged easier, experience to turn out. Wood, here it, around grows! Approach yes study properties of different breeds of trees, their abilities.

Instead of the table leg will turn out in the course of manufacturing any wooden detalka, say, - it is possible to throw out and start it without superfluous nerves to make another. By the way, a word "ё=юы Ё" as consider modern jazykovedy, has occurred directly from a word "ё=юы" designating very important for those times (and today too) a use subject. Not without reason even the word such has been thought up "ё=юыюэрёрыіэшъ" - that is who behind a table bosses, that and the head!

And to a table it was necessary to construct a place for sitting - a bench or a stool, and subsequently a chest where simultaneously and the sovereign merchants sat, acquired it is much kind, and riches protected, in a chest and combined. And now even it is strange to imagine that an elementary chair without which, perhaps, there is today no premise then was considered as furniture for the elite. This subject of house conditions had a reputation in due time for an imperial, throne place for only the elite presumed luxury to be to themselves its owners.

By the way, in Russia man's ability to work as joiner's tools at all age was appreciated rather! And no wonder: than at the other end of the world (more often limited in several kilometres) to go on foot in search of a necessary thing, more cheaply and faster to make here, nearby having departed from the house. After all in Russian settlements almost all subjects of a life, since dwelling and furniture and finishing plates, spoons, boxes and tuesami, and also by toys and even some hunting and fishing tackles were made of a tree.

And ability to make wooden hand-made articles came to muzheskomu to the population syzmalstva as soon as the child learnt to take a knife and an axe in hands. To be trained derevoobrabotke it was necessary to all without an exception - after all to provide and and a family it was necessary own hands. And already not very well, how much masterly the master owned art of the joiner - everyone aspired to look in the opinion of neighbours and native umeltsem, trying to make "фхЁхт ээ№х"а works as it is possible better and more gracefully not to strike in a dirt the person.

Experts assure, the best products of joiner's art are envied by the Lord God: they do not run after the creator and do not ask health and happiness. A joke!

However, joking aside, and the present joiner's art left indeed a countryside. And in sew the today's present there probably to meet true products of wooden architecture: temples and houses, erected without a uniform nail, lacy platbands at windows, such graceful that the breeze, apparently, will blow - and they will begin to rustle under its tender touches … Yes that there!

Skilful masters cut out Pictures from a tree! Bas-reliefs full-scale! In one of villages of Russian the local joiner has modeled huge wooden horses, on many kilometres towering over fields as if specifying a way to local konezavodu. vzdybilis, are torn from reins that on Anichkovom to the bridge!

Certainly, you object, perhaps, these masters practised joiner's business all conscious life, and I … We will answer for a long time with a phrase known to you: "-х gods pots юсцшур¦=". Any professional once was a journeyman. And during the certain period of time took tools in hands for the first time and has started preparation made neumehoj. And only constant practice transforms even the ignoramus into the Master.

Each of them went to perfection the, difficult way. What image can be seized a material and the tool that they have managed to transfer thoughts and feelings of the author? It is necessary to love very much simply a tree and to wish to create from it something especial, and, maybe, and the most usual, but - own hands.

On pages of our site we will try to help to seize completely to you joiner's art for rather small time. You will manage to repair easily (and, probably and to construct) the house and even to recreate subjects of use and the furniture, created on own drawings and calculations by the hands, having armed with that knowledge and tools that are necessary in work to the true joiner.

Certainly, to achieve perfect skill for a small time interval it is problematic enough. At all at that, regular works in a joiner's workshop will by all means give the chance to you to gain the necessary experience.

After that, we are convinced, you can surprise all acquaintances with the wooden creations created by own hands under your sketches.

By the way, it is firmly declared: beginning business, it is necessary to possess determination and desire. Only positive consequences are in that case guaranteed!

Get down to business, and we will help you!