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Boxes, covers, doors (ch. 10)


Doors sliding. Such doors arrange on rollers (fig. 75). Them do by lungs, it is better frame, collected of bruskov obvjaza in the thickness 25-30мм and width 40-50мм. Revet from two parties with plywood, a thin wood-fiber plate or a dense cardboard. Bottom and top bruski obvjaza do by wider, as to them krepjat designs with rollers. In a skeleton put bruski the rigidity, two averages bruska - on height of the attached handle.

the Door sliding: and - a door skeleton; - rollers and napravljajushchija; in - the established door; g - a variant of the device of the top knot: 1 - a roller; 2 - directing; 3 - a door; 4 - bottom directing

75. A door sliding :
And - a door skeleton; - rollers and napravljajushchija; in - the established door; g - a variant of the device of the top knot: 1 - a roller; 2 - directing; 3 - a door; 4 - bottom directing

Rollers apply in diameter 10-20мм, thickness 5-10мм. Produce them from any metal with a flat groove, with a groove or a crest in the middle. Rollers dvizhutsja on the directing. If to the directing serves round prutok, its bottom part should be ground off to receive a plane well adjoining to a floor. Directing krepjat screws, and under hats of screws do razzenkovku. Directing cut in a floor.

Directing also it is possible to make of angular metal or the P-shaped form, or, at last, to choose a groove in a floor or to strengthen on its edges metal strips.

Rollers insert between two metal cheeks-plates which krepjat to a door skeleton, between cheeks do an emphasis of such thickness that the inserted roller freely rotated. It is necessary to mean that the directing should be longer than width of a door in 2 times.

The Door can move not only on bottom, but also top directing of angular metal, metal of the P-shaped form or other profile. In this case a door raise over floor level on 5-10мм or more. Bottom directing krepjat at a wall adjoining a door, or directing at all do not do.

It is possible to put a door so that rollers will move on a floor, but for this purpose a floor it is necessary well prostrogat and to establish the top directing. The design of a suspension bracket of a door can be deaf or demountable. In the book the most elementary variant is considered, but can be and others. The door can consist of one wide cloth or from two narrow.

Adjustment and naveshivanie covers and doors. Covers and doors are recommended to be produced a little more than distance between quarters in boxes. If covers and doors to do precisely in the sizes between quarters they it is rare when enter into quarters of boxes without additional pristrozhki or adjustments. All the same it is necessary to remove from edges any part of wood by cutting, srubanija an axe or planing by a plane.

Adjustment of covers. Folding covers drive for two receptions. At first pristragivajut a transom, preliminary having defined the size pristrozhki.

For this purpose a transom insert into quarters of a box and do labels in the proper places, showing, how many it is necessary to remove wood. Then it clamp in a vice of a workbench and plane from a corner to the middle not to chop off end faces. The transom should enter densely into box quarters for what its edges plane not at right angle, and mowing down inside a little. Having inserted a transom, in its lateral faces - bruskah drill apertures at an angle 45° and razzenkovyvajut under heads of screws. Screws turn so that they have strong pressed a transom to box quarters, to top and lateral faces. On everyone lateral bruske put 2 screws.

Shutters adjust, strict the edges adjoining to an elm, with small skosom. Adjustment carry out with a 2-millimetric backlash (on a paint coat) between all parties of shutters. Pritvor shutters do not plane, but between them provide a backlash on a paint coat.

Deaf covers drive strozhkoj on all perimetre the same as also transoms. Depending on the size deaf cover krepjat four (or it is more) screws. Transoms and deaf covers sometimes krepjat nails, but it complicates dredging of covers during repair.

Adjustment of doors. First of all a door attach to a box quarter, do labels and define, how many it is necessary to remove wood with bruskov obvjazki. Superfluous wood remove, cut, stesyvajut or sostragivajut so that between a door and a box quarter remained small (to 2мм) a backlash. At polutorapolnyh and dvupolnyh doors pritvory drive in advance as it is specified in drawing 76.

Adjustment pritvora

76. Adjustment pritvora

Between box quarters, top and lateral bruskami on colouring leave a backlash in 2мм, between a bottom of a door cloth and a quarter of a box of external doors - 3мм, between a bottom of an inside door and a floor - 8мм. If under a door there will be a carpet, the backlash is increased. Having driven covers or doors, start to them naveske.

Naveshivanie of covers and doors. and doors hang Covers on loops of different designs, more often on polusharnirnye and sharnirnye (fig. 77). Polusharnirnye loops consist of two cards-halves, in one krepjat a core, or an axis, in another - the hinge in the form of a cap. Such loops always happen demountable, their cards are easily separated. To reduce a friction between them, a core put on a ringlet, more often bronze (it is possible copper or brass). On each card there are three-four apertures for screws (on a loop of 6-8 apertures), and sometimes and it is more. Height of such loops - 75-150мм, width of a card - 30-45мм.

Loops: and - sharnirnaja; - polusharnirnaja; in - with a taken out core

77. Loops :
And - sharnirnaja; - polusharnirnaja; in - with a taken out core

In loops under screws bore through apertures of the demanded diameter and it is obligatory razzenkovyvajut. The screw hat should enter into an aperture zapodlitso with a plane of a card or roll in razzenkovku on 1 / 2 mm.