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Boxes, covers, doors (ch. 12)


Repair of covers and doors. From time, and more often from misuse covers and doors crack, burst, rot, are jarred on. Service life of covers and doors depends first of all from teplotehnicheskogo a mode indoors. At strong airing wood dries out, and at humidifying bulks up and increases in volume. At correct leaving of it does not happen.

Repair of covers. These works carry out at rassyhanii and sticking of knots of cover: window sills, otlivov, bottom bruskov, the bottom ends vertical bruskov etc.

Repair carry out so. If in podokonnoj to a board made from two bruskov, the crack it is recommended to be cleared of a dust, a paint, a dirt, especially lateral faces to which will paste a lath was formed.

To Planck produce klinovidnoj forms, with not so strongly oblique edges. Grease a lath with a glutinous solution, it is better kazeinovym, insert into a crack, put from above a piece of a board and strike to it blows by a hammer. After glue drying the top or obverse parties of a board ostragivajut a plane, and the ends - dobornym the tool made by the builder (fig. 83).

Dobornye planes: and - a plane; - zenzubel

83. Dobornye planes :
And - a plane; - zenzubel

If between the bottom ends vertical bruskov boxes and bottom bruskom there is a crack it cover with putty. Preliminary this place a dirt clears of a dust, paints, drying oils. The prepared putty with force press into a crack and smooth out. After putty drying it is a place paint 2 times an oil paint.

The Covers which have failed, repair so. Remove from shutter loops, take out glasses, having cleared away preliminary putty, and saw off the decayed ends and otlivy to strong wood. Plums tear off and replace new. New details do the same section as removed, select folds, arrange unary direct thorns. In remained old bruskah cut wood for eyes. All do strictly corresponding sizes. Then details fasten waterproof glue to statement nagelja and after drying ostragivajut. At statement of new outflow in bottom bruske shutters or frames carry out a groove depth 5мм, width on a thickness of outflow. Outflow krepjat in a groove waterproof glue or an oil paint with additional fastening by nails or screws, but the last apply seldom. Then insert glass, cover with putty and put on a place (fig. 84. The repaired covers paint.

Repair of window covers: and - replacement bruskov and outflow (at the left); - statement of a steel square

84. Repair of window covers :
And - replacement bruskov and outflow (at the left); - statement of a steel square

The Warp of the cracked covers can be eliminated, fastening all angular connections by squares and screwing in their each party on two screws (fig. 84. The the square ends are longer, the cover will be stronger. Produce squares, from any steel with razzenkovkoj apertures, in which utaplivajut hats of screws.

When the cracked shutters of cover form in pritvore a crack on one of shutters it is necessary to paste from outside loops a lath, preliminary having removed loops and sostrogav wood to a fresh layer. Lath take in the thickness on 1-2мм more cracks that is necessary for pristrozhki. Further krepjat loops also hang up cover into place.

Before repair the bottom ends vertical bruskov and bottom bruska it is necessary to examine and define border of the decayed sites well. For this purpose strike small blows by a hammer on vertical and bottom brusku and on a sound define the destroyed wood. Then plan a way of their repair or completely replace the bottom parts vertical bruskov and horizontal, or remove only strongly destroyed part of wood and sew from above the new. Covers preliminary remove.

At repair of boxes it is recommended to execute at first the preparation of the necessary length precisely corresponding bruskam of an old box. The decayed parts saw off nozhovkoj strictly on a square. In stone, brick, concrete houses not to blunt a saw, has spent on drink in a box do not for all thickness bruskov, and other part of wood cut down an axe, a chisel or a chisel. The places released from boxes, carefully clear of dust and a dirt, process an antiseptic tank.

Before application new wood is necessary for processing an antiseptic tank and well to dry. New sites of a box with the old connect in a half-tree. Put new bottom brusok or both bruska connect to sites vertical bruskov on direct thorns. For this purpose insert thorns into eyes, densely force down and then fasten new parts to the old nails, which hats utaplivajut in thickness of wood on 2-3мм.

It is desirable, that the ends vertical bruskov adjoined to horizontal not dry, and on a layer of putty which protects places of connections from water penetration, stekaemoj from glasses.

When replace only the top parts of the decayed wood last remove to the strong basis, well level a plane with a double knife and supplement with new wood. That there were no backlashes between old and new wood, it is better to put it on putty. If arrange grooves from two parties of the basis them fill teploizoljatsionnym with a material, caulk is easier.

Wet covers and boxes repair, podstragivajut, correct only after full prosyhanija. If covers have bulked up from water and are not closed, them does not follow there and then podstragivat. Covers should be dried up and after that to close. The warped covers repair and correct.

the Water drainage, flowing down from windows. From the water which are flowing down from windows, covers and boxes rot, and excessive humidity which worsens temperaturnovlazhnostnyj a mode in the house is indoors formed and leads to formation of the mushroom, the dangerous destroyer of wood. Running off of condensation water from glasses is observed by bad preparation of windows for winter (cracks between covers and a box are not missed the mark, folds), and also at wrong heating. The more warmly in the house, the water, and especially in the presence of time metal furnaces more plentifully flows down.

Thus, at oven heating or from a water copper in a cold season on glasses condensation water which flows down on a window sill and a floor is formed, gets through cracks between the bottom ends vertical bruskov and a window sill and humidifies walls, especially wooden which quickly decay under windows. Water gets from a floor and into an underground, humidifies a ground therefore beams, logs, floors, the bottom wreaths quickly become covered by a mould, to struggle with which difficultly.

Therefore it is necessary to insert carefully glasses into covers and well to coat all cracks.

Stacked vlagopogloshchajushchie materials between covers not always yield good result. More often they are ineffective, as between covers and boxes or between glasses and covers there are hardly noticeable cracks and cracks through which cold air gets to space between covers, and on glasses the condensation water which is flowing down on a window sill is formed. Is better to arrive so.

On bottom bruskah cover or shutters of summer cover from the inside, and in winter from both parties krepjat drain bruski, or plums, with an inclination in a premise in 25-30°. To provide such inclination slivov, their parties plane. Bruski should be width of 25-mm, thickness 15-20мм.

Krepjat bruski on distance 15-20мм from a box or a window sill on oil gustotertoj to a paint and three-four screws. Thus close a crack between bruskami cover and drain bruskami. On bruskam water flows down on a window sill.

It is better, when for slivov in bottom bruskah covers choose a groove depth 2-3мм. Under drain bruskami on a window sill cut out fillets depth no more 5-10мм, width 15мм with a bias in one party that water flew down at an exit from a window sill. Under this exit krepjat an aluminium nipple, and under it put (suspend) ware (fig. 85). It is possible to put ware and on a floor then a nipple put on a rubber tube.

Tap of water flowing down from windows (arrows show a direction of movement of water)

85. Tap of water flowing down from windows (arrows show a direction of movement of water)

After the fillet device podokonnuju a board and covers it is recommended proolifit, to dry and paint 2 times an oil paint.

This work is desirable for carrying out in the end of summer when the covers which have become wet for a winter and window sills completely will dry out. Colouring on crude wood is impractical.

Repair of doors. First of all, define degree of repair of a door and its separate parts: bruskov, panels, boxes etc. Usually at good care of the house this repair can be executed easily and quickly.

We Will consider often meeting kinds of repair.

1. The door cloth at opening is unsteady, the door is closed hardly. It occurs because that screws in loops are weakened also their hats act from razzenkovannyh apertures. Means, wood in box quarters razmochalilas as screws have not been wrapped, and are hammered.

It can be corrected statement of longer or thicker screws for what rassverlivajut apertures and expand razzenkovku. From the turned out screws it is necessary to hammer small wedges Into apertures necessarily on glue.

If it does not give effect the decayed place cut out and insert a piece from a fresh seasoned wood. To an inserted piece and the prepared aperture form "ырё=юёъшэр §тюё=р". Insert a tree on glue with additional fastening by screws which have so that they were not against apertures in a loop card. The length inserted bruskov should be not less than two lengths of a loop. A face sheet bruska compare strictly flush with a box quarter.

2. At frequent change of locks bruski obvjazki doors are strongly weakened also it it is necessary to replace new or to close up an insert from new wood. For this purpose prepare brusok from a seasoned wood in 2 times more long or more than a closed up place, the same thickness, as door brusok, and width-depending on of the destroyed wood. The width of an insert can sometimes equal to width bruska, Having executed preparation and having given it the necessary form, put to brusku doors, lead round on contours a pencil and cut out the destroyed wood. Preparation put on glue with additional fastening by screws. The insert can be cut "ырё=юёъшэ№ь §тюё=юь" or on tyres (fig. 86. After shvatyvanija gluing this place plane. At impossibility to apply it is necessary to put screws wooden nageli, but it is obligatory on glue.

3. The decayed parts of a door cloth, especially bottom bruska, replace so. A door remove from loops and cut down the decayed part. Strictly on its sizes produce new preparation, clear away eyes and put at first dry it into place and if it is required, correct discrepancies and only then put on glue, without having forgotten to put in proper places nageli and to strengthen a plinth protecting bottom brusok from possible mechanical damages (more often from blows by feet).

4. The panels which cracked and have cracked, repair so. A crack clear away from a dust and a dirt, produce klinoobraznuju an insert or a lath so that it rasklinila a panel and has not so densely nestled on grooves. Put a lath on glue, and after its drying ostragivajut (fig. 86, 6).

Repair of doors: and - zadelka in bruskah doors of places under dead locks; - repair bruskov and door panels; in - replacement of the decayed parts bruska; e - zadelka the destroyed places of boxes

86. Repair of doors :
And - zadelka in bruskah doors of places under dead locks; - repair bruskov and door panels; in - replacement of the decayed parts bruska; e - zadelka the destroyed places of boxes

5. The destroyed parts bruskov cut off to a strong part. Repair so that they fastened a direct thorn. Them put on glue and nageljah with the subsequent pristrozhkoj (fig. 86.

6. bruska boxes replace the destroyed part new on glue, nageljah, with careful pristrozhkoj (fig. 86.

7. The door densely is not closed (springs from deep vrezannyh loops). Loops put flush with a quarter, enclosing under them a cardboard. The screws badly keeping loops, replace with longer. The door can spring because that hats of screws have short entered in razzenkovannoe an aperture that it rests against a box quarter. Remove wood on 1мм from a box or a door.

8. When the door has settled and at opening or closing rubs about a floor, or a quarter it is recommended to be removed, cores to put on metal washers (better from nonferrous metal) or to make them of a wire. Then a door to put on a place.

9. Happens that on bruske obvjazki from outside a latch it was formed otshchep. In this case otshcheplennoj wood and a place otshchepa clear a piece of a dust and a dirt and paste into place, at possibility nail up. If otshcheplennyj the piece was lost, a place otshchepa level a chisel, produce an insert, try on dry, correct, paste or in addition nail up.