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Boxes, covers, doors (ch. 6)



Features of the device of doors. well executed doors give to the house or a premise a beautiful kind. Doors always insert into a box. A box with dvermi or cloths name the block. The block can consist of one or two door cloths. Doors unary to a thicket open outside, double - outside and inside. Depending on door appointment are subdivided on external, internal, smart, balcony and black. Black doors apply to closing of various economic constructions is more often. Door cloths arrange on nails, thorns, shponkah or nageljah. They can be continuous and with prospirits.

External and street doors produce massive, from tverdolistvennyh breeds of wood (an oak, an ash-tree, a beech), internal, balcony and black - from coniferous breeds of wood is more often.

Front doors and inside doors can be deaf or glazed. Often at door blocks the top part (transom) glaze and krepjat tightly in a box, or into doors instead of panels insert glass. Doors with glasses divide on light and semilight. At light the glazed part makes 2 / 3 the cloth areas, at semilight - 1 / 3 . Light carry out usually balcony and interroom doors, semilight - kitchen.

Doors happen panel board and filenchatymi (fig. 67 and 68). Panel board doors can consist of a skeleton or a framework, revetted with two parties plywood, wood-fiber and drevesnostruzhechnymi tiles. They can be with emptiness or filled with a heater. Such doors carry out also from thick boards or bruskov, fastened shponkami, tips, nageljami. These are very strong doors. Doors do by height 2000 and 2300мм, width - 600 1100мм (odnopolnye) and 1202-1802 (dvupolnye). The thickness of panel board doors happens from 30 to 40мм.

Versions of doors: and, in - panel board, deaf; g - filenchataja the deaf person; d, z, and, to - panel board ostklennye; e, - filenchatye glazed

67. Versions of doors :
And, in - panel board, deaf; g - filenchataja the deaf person; d, z, and, to - panel board ostklennye; e, - filenchatye glazed

Often builders produce doors "ё ёѕ§рЁхь". Thus width.dveri - 700-800мм, a cracker - 400-300мм.

Filenchatye of a door consist from obvjazki and a filler - panels. Obvjazku take in the thickness 54-44мм, width 94-110мм. Panels happen smooth panel board, carried out of boards, plywood, drevesnostruzhechnyh plates, and also figarejnye, naplavnye and to a framework.

For an insert of panels in bruskah obvjazki choose a groove of necessary width and depth, or this groove form of apportions smooth or with selected kalevkami, which krepjat in obvjazke on glue, screws or hairpins.

Dvupolnyj the block with a transom and filenchatoj a door: 1 - frmuga; 2 - impost; 3 - loops; 4 - panels; 5 - door brusok obvjazki; 6 - a box

68. The Dvupolnyj block with a transom and filenchatoj a door :
1 - frmuga; 2 - impost; 3 - loops; 4 - panels; 5 - door brusok obvjazki; 6 - a box

Doors should be strong, neteploprovodnymi, densely covered. Balcony doors produce from a seasoned wood humidity not above 12%, internal, smart, transoms and boxes - 10%, facings of doors and them obvjazki, and also boxes of external doors - 18%.

Panel board, board doors "т эръюэхёэшъ". Such doors are strong, maloteploprovodny, they are easy for making of boards in width no more 120мм with packing by layers every which way. Boards apply a different thickness - from 40 to 60мм. Rally them in a quarter, in shpunt etc. For durability of a board on length of edges put on nageljah. In a cloth of a door with a simple tip on the top and bottom ends arrange crests, on which nasazhivajut bruski with grooves depth 20-30мм (fig. 69. Crests choose a saw and a chisel, and then well smooth out. A groove in tips choose a chisel, preliminary having marked its width.

Panel board board doors with tips: and - with simple; - with improved; in - "т full эръюэхёэшъ"

69. Panel board board doors with tips :
And - with simple; - with improved; in - "т full эръюэхёэшъ"

At crest and groove manufacturing it is necessary to watch strictly that the groove was densely put on a crest. Only in this case receive strong connection of separate allotments of a board with a tip.

To Choose a groove and a crest it is easier shpuntubelem. Having chosen a crest and a groove, a tip dry (without glue) put on a crest. If the tip is put on densely a crest smear with a glutinous solution and put on it a tip.

The Collected board maintain in vajmah not less than days, then dry within two-three days and smooth out, that is plane face sheets, eliminating additional weights.

The Order of manufacturing of panel board board doors "т эръюэхёэшъ" the such. Collect boards, selecting them so that they have formed a cloth of the necessary width and length. If some boards are long, it has no value. Boards are desirable for collecting on glue. Then the ends of the received board saw round strictly on a square, spend risks from two parties, defining crest height. On risks nagradkoj carry out has spent on drink on the necessary depth and from a face edge of a board strictly on risks remove superfluous wood. In need of corrections apply tips, put them on glue with the subsequent drying and zachistkoj.