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Boxes, covers, doors (ch. 7)


Doors with the improved tips and thorns. Such doors are stronger, because tips densely compress boards on all width of a door. In this case crests do with acting thorns on extreme boards, and in tips choose grooves with nests. The distance menadu can be left thorns on 3-4мм more distances between nests. Then tips with even big effort will rally allotments (fig. 69.

Doors "т a full tip on ѕё". Such doors are strong and beautiful (fig. 69. For a door first of all prepare a board, doing obvjaz of wider boards. Then cut out crests and cut off extreme boards at an angle 25°. Depth of a groove and height of a crest of a door should be 40 50мм, and the width of a groove to make approximately 1 / 3 thickness of boards. After that mark a tip and carry out it, as is shown in drawing 69, century of the Door and a tip collect on glue.

the Panel board doors revetted with plywood. Such doors produce from boards with the subsequent facing by plywood. For a cloth do obvjaz from shpuntovannyh bruskov. Corners knit on unary or double direct thorns. Space between obvjazom fill with boards which connect in shpunt and a quarter, at end faces arrange crests. Boards for filling take a little more thin, than bruski obvjaza that at facing by plywood they together with obvjazom represented an equal plane.

Izgotovlivajut panel board doors in such sequence. At first do obvjaz, then - a board. Board boards stick together, level (plane), insert in obvjaz, fasten nageljami on glue, compress and dry. After that take plywood-pereklejku, cut off on the size, prifugovyvajut edges that they have densely entered between bruskami obvjaza, smear plywood with glue, put on filling boards, strongly press clamps and leave under pressure not less than on 12ч, then dry and smooth out.

Black doors. Produce from boards or reek, continuous or with backlashes-prospirits, on nails or thorns. A material apply stroganyj. Various designs of such doors are shown in drawing 70.

The Door from reek with backlashes (fig. 70, do on nails. Rejki krepjat to waybills shponkam, everyone one nail. Between waybills shponkami put podkos which also fasten nails. A waybill podkos protects a door cloth from perekashivanija, lowerings by the party with the handle downwards. podkos it is necessary to put in the opposite direction from the bottom loop in a direction up. Besides, it should rest against the bottom waybill shponku. Thus shponki it is not necessary to finish extreme boards approximately on 10-15мм.

Black doors on gvozdjaz: and - with backlashes; - continuous with podkosom; in - continuous sdvumja podkosami; g - with podkosom from a wire; d - with obvjazkoj; e - with a covering located at an angle; - with obvjazkoj and a covering; z - with panels; and, to - with a different arrangement of a covering

70. Black doors on gvozdjaz :
And - with backlashes; - continuous with podkosom; in - continuous sdvumja podkosami; g - with podkosom from a wire; d - with obvjazkoj; e - with a covering located at an angle; - with obvjazkoj and a covering; z - with panels; and, to - with a different arrangement of a covering

To Hammer in nails is better skobochkoj, it strongly fastens details. The sequence zabivanija a nail skobochkoj is simple and in drawing is not shown.

The Door continuous with vrezannym podkosom (fig. 70, has podkos, vrezannyj in waybills shponki in a direction from the bottom loop upwards. Such design protects a cloth from a warp.

The Door continuous with two vrezannymi podkosami (fig. 70, possesses the raised durability and does not warp. In an average part podkosy are crossed and incorporate in a half-tree, that is at them cut out wood on half of thickness of boards.

The Door with podkosom from a wire (fig. 70, arrange so. A steel wire in the thickness 5-10мм or steel kanatik krepjat at the top loop and at a waybill bottom shponki on the right side. Such podkos krepjat to strongly strengthened ear or the nail bent in the form of a ring and hardly pull.

The Door with obvjazkoj (fig. 70, produce so. Do obvjazku of boards in the thickness 40-50мм on unary or double thorns. In top and bottom bruskah choose grooves. Collect a board from boards in the thickness 20-30мм, cut off under a square, leaving allowances on crests. Crests line and carry out, as shown earlier. After that collect obvjazku. From both parties of a board in the bottom and top part krepjat nails waybills shponki.

The Door with a covering at an angle (fig. 70, it is recommended to do in such sequence. Carry out obvjazku from boards in the thickness 20-25мм, width 100-120мм. Boards for a covering 20-25мм (it is possible is more thin) plane in the thickness. On length obvjazki on direct thorns put two-three share bruska. A covering krepjat nails, utaplivaja hats in thickness of wood on 5мм. Cut off the ends of boards, and covering face sheets plane.

The Door with obvjazkoj and a different arrangement of a covering (fig. 70, zh-k) fasten nails. However it is better in obvjazke to arrange grooves, and in filling boards to choose crests. A covering have differently. It is necessary to remember that boards of filling in width no more 100мм are less jarred on. Such doors cover with any waterproof varnishes or paint oil paints, it is better from two parties. The material for manufacturing of doors should be dry. A crude material, drying out, forms the big cracks.

The Door from reek (fig. 71) apply in various economic constructions, on verandahs, in protections. Them produce from bruskov an identical thickness and width. From short bruskov it is possible to make the whole cloth, fastening bruski nageljami. Bruski apply in the thickness 40-50мм.

Doors from reek: and - continuous; in - trellised

71. Doors from reek :
And - continuous; in - trellised

The Continuous door from reek (fig. 71, strogannyh from different directions, produce so. Do obvjaz from bruskov different length, only for the extreme longitudinal parties take whole bruski, on two-three from each party. Rally bruski either on glue, or on nageljah with glue or without it. Glue is recommended to be applied synthetic waterproof or kazeinovyj, but only to dry premises. Everyone brusok fasten two-three shkantami in diameter equal 1 / 3 of thickness bruskov. For nagelej drill apertures depth not less 30мм. Nageli produce from wood of firm breeds in length 50мм and such diameter that they with some effort entered into apertures. Put them on a set course bruskov. Sometimes instead of nagelej apply long nails.

The Collected cloth cut off on a square, and face sheets plane. If necessary face sheets revet with plywood-resticky or a wood-fiber plate which paste or krepjat nails. Facing paint oil or enamel paints.

The Trellised door (fig. 71, 6, produce from bruskov identical width - 25-50мм which have from each other on the distance equal to a thickness bruskov, but it is possible and is more rare. Fasten bruski nails of the necessary length. Obverse surfaces of such doors to level difficultly, therefore it is better to apply rejki one section, strogannye on a thickness and width. To collect trellised doors it is necessary on an equal board. After assemblage on a square cut off the face parties.