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Boxes, covers, doors (ch. 9)


Horizontal bruski mark similarly vertical. For bruskov in the thickness 50мм the thorn in the thickness 16мм, and also shpunt, or a groove, width 12мм is necessary.

After carrying out risok zapilivajut thorns and eyes luchkovoj a saw with small teeths. SHpunt choose shpuntubelem and carry out kalevki. Often bruski with kalevkami krepjat to smooth parts bruskov on glue either on nails, or on glue and nails simultaneously.

Then hollow out wood from shipovyh and proushinnyh details, carry out preparatory operations. Preliminary collect obvjazki a door cloth, adjust connections and verify right angles. Further take the measurements of actual length and width of panels. At qualitative zapilke thorns and eyes and vydalblivanii nests all the sizes long should correspond earlier put (fig. 74, 6).

Panels happen flat, made of boards, plywood-pereklejki, wood-fiber and drevesnostruzhechnyh plates, or with figurno the planed ends - figarejami. On panels it is possible to cut out a various carving or to execute it separately and to attach to a panel glue. Panels also decorate various apportions-figurno executed bruskami with kalevkami.

Some kinds of panels are shown in drawing 74, century

Panels fill space, obrazuemoe obvjazom and srednikami. For warming of external doors establish naplavnye panels which produce from boards in the thickness 40-50мм with the subsequent pasting is more often. On edges naplavnyh panels choose one or two crests with which they enter in shpunty (grooves) obvjazok. Naplav can be both with one, and from two parties of a door. Double naplav decorates a door.

The Warmed panels carry out not only from boards, but also from two layers of plywood between which lay a heater (mineral and glass cotton wool or other material).

For an ornament of doors often do panels with a framework. Into a framework at first insert a panel, and then a framework two crests krepjat in bruskah obvjaza.

At the panels inserted in the semiface way, from one face sheet krepjat bruski with selected kalevkami. In drawing 74, g panels and their connection with obvjazkoj are shown.

Shpunty, or grooves, for an insert of panels do by depth 15 20мм, in the width 10мм and it is more.

Panels with figarejami produce from boards as follows. Make dry boards in the thickness 40-50мм, it is possible and is more thin, fugujut an edge, rally them on glue, collect a board and well it plane. After glue drying on an average part of a board by means of metre, a square and a surface gauge draw a square or a rectangle that depends on the form and the size of a panel. The sizes of a drawn square or a rectangle should be equal to distance between grooves in bruskah obvjazki. Having marked board edges, on the planned risks cut off edges of a panel with figarejami. Vystragivajut figarei at first sherhebelem, then-other planes, straightening edges sometimes zenzubelem. It is good to finish edges with a special plane - figareem. After corresponding strozhki receive a panel with figarejami.

Panels with naplavom to make easier, than with figarejami. Do a board, plane it, mark, spend risks, and on risks carry out thorns.

Panel Edges saw round a saw-melkozubkoj or pristragivajut is strict prjamougolno, checking on a square. Panels should be on 2мм less on all parties of distance between shpuntami (groove) bruskov obvjaza. This backlash is necessary on shrinkage of wood and possible deformation of a product.

In drawing 74, d the door with smooth panels is shown. Often many open a door foot blow on bottom brusku obvjazki. To protect a door cloth from damage, to bottom brusku obvjazki krepjat nails of the second protective brusok, or a plinth. Usually it produce from a board in the thickness 25-30мм. The length protective bruska should be on 60-70мм less width of a cloth, and width - on 30-40мм already bottom bruska. Have such plinth in the middle of bottom bruska, receding from the top and bottom edge on 15-20мм.

In street doors a protective plinth often do of a plate copper or from stainless steel. Krepjat a plate screws with shaped heads. To a door put bruski obvjazki with top, average and bottom in knots. In this door bottom brusok has the same width, as well as all the others.

In drawing 74, e it is shown filenchataja a door with bottom bruskom which width in 2 times is more than others. In this case brusok stick together from two bruskov in the width on 110мм, krepjat two double thorns. Statement such bruska gives doors solidity. In drawing the panel which from two parties on bruskam obvjazki is issued by unprofitable apportions with selected kalevkami is shown. Krepjat such apportions on glue, nails or that and another simultaneously.

Apportions of the different form and can be the size whole or consisting of two halves, which krepjat from that and other party of a panel (fig. 74.

Bruski obvjazki, or a door, collect at first dry, correct all discrepancies, and on the ends of thorns cut off a small facet that they have easier entered into eyes and nests. Dry many masters conduct assemblage consistently on knots, checking everyone angular vjazku and eliminating discrepancies. Correctness of assemblage check a square and rejkoj on a diagonal, only after that it is possible to collect a door on glue.

Door Pasting (fig. 74, has the features. Before sklejkoj bruski separate so that they could keep on the ends of thorns, and take out a panel. An open part of thorns and nests grease with glue. Mezdrovyj or bone glue should be hot. Into grooves insert dry panels, force down bruski, put a door in vajmy, check a square and rejkoj and strongly compress, that all connections densely have converged without backlashes. After that a door once again check a square and rejkoj on a diagonal on prjamougolnost.

Quite often happens that at a door wrong planes or a warp from a corner on a corner. A warp correct in szhimah, or vajmah, by means of wedges. Sometimes at compression in vajmah the door has camber and concavity. Such door should be put camber upwards, to compress, as it is necessary, and to put on camber any cargo, to receive correct planes. Usually thus the door is levelled. Having stuck together and having established in szhimah, in corners bruskov drill apertures and put on glue nageli the square form. srednikov it is recommended to hammer into end faces of thorns klinushki, greased with glue. The compressed cloth of a door after raspressovki is dried by two-three days, and then cut down nageli and acting thorns and smooth out a door a plane with a double knife.

It is necessary to remember that panels cannot be put on the glue, even made of enough dry material, eventually they dry out a little. If edges of panels have been pasted to bruskam obvjazki they will necessarily crack on the whole boards or seams sklejki. Not pasted edges of panels freely slide, move along a groove and at usyhanii do not give cracks.