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the Characteristic of tree species


In joiner's business widely apply coniferous and deciduous breeds of a tree. To coniferous breeds carry a pine, a fur-tree, a larch, a fir, a cedar Siberian. Wood of coniferous breeds differs in small specific weight, prjamoslojnostju, well gives in to processing. It contains resinous substances which protect it from various diseases, rotting, defeat by a mushroom, bugs-drevoedami etc.

the Pine - the most widespread coniferous breed. Pine trunks have rather correct form and at the age of 120-150 years reach heights 30-40м. Its wood is easy for planing, sawing, well to stick together, paint and varnish. Apply in housing construction, in furniture, plywood and other manufactures.

the Fur-tree takes the second place on distribution degree. Its trunks round and direct, at the age of 120-150 years reach heights 30-40м, and sometimes 50м. Advantages of fur-tree wood - uniformity of a structure, white colour and small gummosity, a lack - big suchkovatost. From a fur-tree cut walls of houses, lay floors, do doors, covers, boxes, platbands, plinths, furniture.

the Larch is quite suitable for manufacturing of joiner's products. Its wood possesses the big durability (on 30% above a pine) and firmness to rotting, however it is heavier pine.

the Fir - for it are characteristic raised koroblenie and rastreskivanie, smaller density, than at a pine, therefore a fir apply in joiner's business, than a pine and a fur-tree less often.

the Cedar Siberian - the wood breed close on mechanical properties to a pine. Has a direct trunk in diameter to 2м. Cedar wood sticky, soft, but dense and strong, proof against rotting, is well processed. From deciduous breeds in joiner's business apply mainly an oak, an ash-tree, an aspen, a birch , a maple, a beech .

the Oak possesses high durability. Of it do floors, doors, covers, various columns, use for a covering of houses. However the oak is difficult for processing, especially to saw, plane, hollow, drill.

the Ash-tree has a beautiful structure and a little rastreskivaetsja, serves for manufacturing of ladders, a handrail, tool handles.

the Aspen and a linden - use as round wood for srubov, and boards and bruski - for nastilki floors and ceilings, manufacturing of partitions, furniture. Aspen and linden wood is unstable to dampness, therefore it is not recommended for manufacturing of covers and external doors. Linden wood widely apply to performance of external carved works (platbands and eaves).

the Birch has tonkoslojnuju structure, firm, rather homogeneous for a structure. Apply to manufacturing of plywood, drevesno-layered plastics, drevesnostruzhechnyh and wood-fiber plates, a parquet, furniture etc.

the Maple concerns firm breeds of a tree with a beautiful structure. In places of mass growth use in the form of logs and boards for civil work, and also for manufacturing kolodok various planes.

the Beech is extended in southern areas of the country. From it produce kolodki planes, a parquet, an interline interval, plywood. To process a beech difficultly.

Except the listed wood in joiner's business apply a hornbeam, a nut, a pear, a mountain ash , and to furniture manufacturing - also import breeds of trees: a sequoia, red and an ebony , a black rosewood, bakaut .