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Details-prorezki for registration of platbands (ch. 2)


Modular sockets , represented in drawing 109, differ from the sockets which ornament cut out on preparation, and it represented with it a single whole.

Modular sockets (typed from otddelno the executed details)

109. Modular sockets (typed from otddelno the executed details)

Modular sockets consist of the details separately carried out and attached or on the basis, that is a board or a board, or on this or that part of a building. In drawing the whole socket and the sockets consisting of two half are shown, each of which has the form. The sizes of sockets can be different, and the ornament depends on imagination of the executor.

Modular sockets to produce faster, than to cut out from a file. First of all, choose drawing, then do a cliche or a detail template, prepare the necessary quantity of a material, on preparation transfer contours of drawing and cut out details. Having executed the necessary quantity of details, start their fastening.

Elliptic sockets can be cut or modular (fig. 110). For their manufacturing, first of all, it is necessary to construct the ellipse form. We will consider construction of such socket on width, or a small axis of an ellipse. First of all, on a sheet of paper, plywood, a board or other material spends the small axis equal to width of an ellipse. Halve it and find the centre About, and on the ends put letters And, B.Zatem through the centre About draw a straight line a perpendicular line to small axis AB and name its axis of an ellipse. After that a joint-stock company piece divide into three equal parts. Take the radius equal 2 / 3 joint-stock company, and spend from the centre About, a semicircle (arch), finding points In, G.Zatem is spent by lines from points And and through points In, G

Elliptic sockets

110. Elliptic sockets

In the Radius equal AB, spend from a point And, through a point, arch ZHZ, and from a point through a point And - arch DE. After that from points In and G describe GE'S in radius connecting arches EZ and J. Thus, its length depends on width of an ellipse also.

For construction of the socket with an ornament of any kind an ellipse circle divide into the necessary quantity of parts. After that choose drawing, produce one detail, and it agree to it - all the others. In drawing it is shown not only ellipse construction, but also versions of such sockets.

In drawing 111 the bottom detail of a platband is shown.

Details: and - a shovel; - a platband bottom

111. Details :
And - a shovel; - a platband bottom