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Details-prorezki for registration of platbands


Except carved details of the large size to registration of platbands widely apply fine details, or porezki, which krepjat nails. Details-porezki produce the different form and the sizes (fig. 107).

Details, difficult in performance, for registration of platbands

107. Details, difficult in performance, for registration of platbands

Peas carry out so. On a lathe turn preparation, and then saw or ostragivajut. If the machine tool is not present, plane preparation on which put contours of a product and on contours cut out it more often a knife-kosjachkom. However it is more difficult, than to turn on the machine tool.

the Beads consists of a set of various details, as: peas, lentil etc. On preparation put contours of details, and then turn on a lathe or cut out.

Some beads after vytachivanija or cuttings should be processed in addition to give them the necessary form.

Scaly porezku carry out semicircular and direct chisels, and also cutters with an oblique edge. A semicircular chisel put strictly vertically in relation to preparation, putting on it not strong blow (a fist or kijankoj) or press it with such force to deepen a chisel in preparation on the necessary depth.

Then, having inclined a cutter with an oblique edge, cut off wood, beginning from convex edge cheshujki.

For porezok which carry out only manually, take preparation flat and equal from different directions, and also with deepenings or eminences. To work apply various cutters: semicircular, direct with an oblique edge and knifes-kosjachki.

the Elementary details for registration of platbands (108) carry out fig. basically cutting out, planing, drilling and zachistkoj direct chisels, is more rare cutters.

the Elementary details for registration of platbands: and - triangular bruski; - stuslo for performance of cuts on triangular bruskah; in a detail of the carved form; g - rhombuses; d - kanneljury with sharp usenkami and paths

108. The elementary details for registration of platbands:
And - triangular bruski; - stuslo for performance of cuts on triangular bruskah; in a detail of the carved form; g - rhombuses; d - kanneljury with sharp usenkami and paths

Triangular bruski (fig. 108, widely apply to registration of platbands. They can be smooth or with cuts. Produce them so. Take a board of the necessary thickness, plane from two parties, on plasti, mark at end faces triangles of the necessary form, spend on plasti risks and on others cut bruski. For deduction such bruskov during planing in the necessary position it is necessary to arrange the elementary supports in such quantity that bruski during time strozhki did not cave in. Supports krepjat to an equal board, stack on them brusok, rest its one end plane. Pentagonal brusok it is better to make of two bruskov (square, rectangular or triangular), having fastened among themselves glue or nails.

When on triangular bruske it is required to arrange cuts or to receive a shaped crest (rice <. 108,) it is better to make stuslo on one and more bruskov and on it to cut cuts by a saw-melkozubkoj or to execute a chisel. The cut off parties smooth out a chisel.

Details of the different form (fig. 108, carry out on square, triangular, rectangular, trapezoid bruskah. Trapezoid brusok, for example, produce from square or rectangular by planing. On bruskah, and is easier preparations, do a corresponding marking, and then cut and cut out details.

Rhombuses (fig. 108, widely apply to furnish of platbands, eaves, shovels, fences etc. Produce them so. Take a board on width of a rhombus. Plane from different directions, spend risks, mark the form of rhombuses, saw preparations according to risks. The parties of rhombuses after a cutting can be rough then them ostragivajut, clamping in a workbench vice, at desire remove facets.

On rhombuses, smooth from a face sheet, it is possible to drill through or secret (deaf) apertures of the necessary diameter. The made rhombuses paste or beat to preparation.

The Rhombuses shown in drawing, saw through and cut out. They remain monolitno connected with preparation over which basis tower on the necessary size.

Happens that platband lateral faces do not smooth, and with kanneljurami - fillets (fig. 108,). Kanneljury carry out with sharp usenkami, and also with paths or tapes. Depth kanneljur can be different. For their performance at preparation end faces draw kanneljury, on plasti spend risks and on them galtelju vystragivajut preparation. It is possible to make also a special plane-galtel with a knife in the width equal to width kanneljura.

That during planing the tool has not descended aside, on preparation it is recommended to beat well otfugovannyj brusok which will serve directing for kolodki. Kanneljury carry out not only identical width on length of a board or a column, but also narrowed, for example in the width in the bottom of 50 mm, and above - 40 or 45 mm. To plane such kanneljury it is more difficult.

Often instead of a smooth column do a column with planed kanneljurami. Columns carry out round and square, from a log or bruska, and also lungs - frame - from boards.