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Drying oils


Drying oils share on the natural, condensed, synthetic pure homogeneous and synthetic modified.

Drying oil natural is produced from linen or konopljanogo oils (to 95%) with addition in the course of cooking at temperature 275°ла margantsovo-svintsovo-cobalt sikkativa. Apply to manufacturing of oil paints and cultivation to a working (painting) consistence gustotertyh, and also colourings of a roof, doors, covers, floors, external walls of wooden buildings, etc.

Drying oil condensed (oksol) is issued with the maintenance of oil and sikkativa not less than 55%, and solvent (uajtspirita) - no more than 45%. Apply to colouring of internal surfaces, except for floors.

Drying oil polimerizovannaja (IMS) is a substitute of natural drying oil. Apply to internal and external colourings.

Drying oil gliftalevaja is produced from vegetable oil, glycerine and solvent (no more than 50%). Apply to cultivation gustotertyh paints, and also for internal and external colourings on metal, a tree, plaster.

Drying oil pentaftalevaja also, as well as gliftalevaja, is produced from alkidnoj pitches, therefore these drying oils name alkidnymi. Use also other versions of drying oils - slate, polidienovuju idr. Package drying oils in small container on which paste the instruction on application.