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Fixing products, a furniture accessories, glass


To fixing products carry nails, screws, screws, bolts, skoby.

Nails divide on building, tare, obojnye, roofing, plaster, etc. Happen to a flat and conic head.

Building nails have different length and width: running - 70-150мм or to 250мм, tare - 25-80мм.

Obojnymi nails the in length 8-25мм attach fabrics or other materials to wood (an upholstery of doors, furniture etc.). Their hats happen the different form and drawing.

Tolevye with a wide head apply nails to roofing felt or roofing material fastening at a covering them of a time roof on nails, instead of on mastic. Their length - 20, 25, 32 and 40мм.

Plaster nails in length 25-40мм apply to stuffing drani, that is its fastenings to wooden surfaces.

Screws basically apply to fastening of various devices to joiner's and furniture products. They happen to a head secret, semisecret, semicircular and shestigrannoj. Their length - 7-120мм, a thickness - 1,6-10, diameter of a head - 3-20мм. For convenience zavertyvanija on a head the flute - shlits is cut. Screws with a secret head are screwed up in wood zapodlitso with a detail surface. Them krepjat loops, locks etc.

Bolts of different length and a thickness apply to a fastening of separate designs among themselves, especially demountable details at various furniture.

Skoby and ruffs apply to a fastening of separate designs, and also for keeping of logs on linings during them otesyvanija. Ruffs fix window and door boxes in apertures brick, shlakobetonnyh and other buildings.

Devices for windows and doors are loops, the handle, locks, latches, latches, etc.

the window and door card apply Loops for naveshivanija window shutters and doors. Each loop consists of two cards with the hinge, and a card - from one or two plates. For formation of the hinge of a card bend so that there was an aperture for a core insert. Loops happen to the closed up core of the hinge, polusharnirnye with the core which has been closed up in one card, and with a core which is taken out from the hinge. Polusharnirnye loops apply to door cloths or shutters of cover which it is possible, having raised, to remove from cores of hinges. Loops with sharnirnymi the cores which have been closed up in cards, use for window shutters, window leaves and transoms of the small size. Loops with a demountable core apply, when the shutter or a door cloth cannot be raised at their removal. These loops select for the sizes of a door cloth or a cover shutter, and also on their thickness obvjazochnyh bruskov. Razzenkovku for heads of screws do so that heads were in one plane with a card or on 0,25-0,5мм are drowned in it. These loops cut in product wood (fig. 5).

Loops window and door karochnye: and - loops card with the closed up core in the hinge; - loops polusharnirnye with the core which has been closed up in one card; in - loops with a core which is taken out from the hinge

5. Loops window and door karochnye :
And - loops card with the closed up core in the hinge; - loops polusharnirnye with the core which has been closed up in one card; in - loops with a core which is taken out from the hinge

Except listed, apply unprofitable loops.

Handles for doors of the different form and happen the size all-metal stamped and klepanymi, and also national teams from a tree, plastic, has flown down etc. For external doors choose handles heavier, for interroom - lungs.

Handles for windows can be from metal, plastic, glass. The complete set of devices is usually executed from one material and equally issued.

All handles and devices reliably fix to door cloths, shutters screws of necessary length.

Latches - the elementary locks without keys, happen door and window, various designs. Door latches cut in stvornuju an edge of the left cloth on dvupolnoj doors. The bolt is put forward rychazhkom. Length of latches: top - 370, bottom - 230мм.

Window latches distinguish short and long with a core in all length of a shutter. The core povertyvaetsja (integral) or is moved apart (compound) handle from turn.

Recently for closing of shutters of covers use handles-zavertki.

Locks for doors of various designs and happen the sizes vreznye and waybills, often produce the last automatically latched.

Ostanovy widely apply to window shutters which leave opened. They represent hooks of different types, which krepjat to a box and a shutter. Ostanovy prevent any opening or closing of shutters and by that splitting of glass and its drop - out.

the Furniture accessories differ the big variety of forms and the sizes, are often used for art furnish of products. To accessories carry various loops, locks, latches, handles, buttons, kljucheviny, couplers, etc.

Glass the sheet apply for osteklenija various covers. Glass produce a different thickness and the size. At a thickness 2 and 2,5мм the least sizes of glass - 500x400, the greatest - 1300X750 and 1550X750мм, at a thickness 3 and 4мм the least sizes - 600X400, the greatest-1800X1200 and 2200x1300мм, at a thickness 5 and 6мм the least sizes - 600x400, the greatest - 2200X1600мм.