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Fixing tools


Derzhavki (fig. 97) are intended for preparation deduction in the necessary position during carving performance. Produce derzhavki from a pine and other wood.

Happen the different form: in a kind skob and uporki (a piece of a board or bruska), and also face, angular, figured, nested, portable, etc.

The Design derzhavok should allow take out or insert preparation easily.

At carving performance most often apply uporki and derzhavki face, angular and figured.

Uporka is necessary for an emphasis of small preparations at performance of a geometrical carving. Krepjat uporku to a workbench two nails.

Derzhavka face is necessary for fastening in it of narrow and long preparations. Krepjat derzhavku one nail.

Derzhavki angular serve for fastening of the big square or rectangular preparations, krepjat as their two nails.

Derzhavki: and - persistent; - face; in - angular; g - figured; d - screws fixing; e - jacks (clips); - strubitsy

97. Derzhavki :
And - persistent; - face; in - angular; g - figured; d - screws fixing; e - jacks (clips); - strubitsy

Figured derzhavki apply to fastening in them of figured preparations.

Except derzhavok different screws, jacks and clips, screws and clamps apply.

Bandage fixing - steel cone-shaped cores with the ends in the form of a gimlet on the one hand and a lamb - with another that allows to turn and unscrew them easily.

Jacks and clips represent pieces of boards or bruskov with cuts on the ends fixed to a workbench by screws. Jacks have the cuts allowing strongly to press preparation to a workbench.

Fastening by screws is strong and accessible. Preparation is done normal length or with an allowance by of 25-35 mm, through an allowance and pass screws. Having executed a carving, preparation remove, unscrew screws, and the ends with apertures (allowances) cut off. If screws to screw at once in preparation on it there are from them apertures that not always it is desirable.

Clamps - wooden or steel - produce different designs. At carving performance it is desirable to apply the clamps more convenient at present which strongly press preparation to a workbench cover.