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the General data on connections


Any stoljarno-furniture product consists of certain elements - bruskov, frameworks, lattices, boxes, boards, and also various small and profile details. To receive correct connection, it is necessary to give to those details which connect, the geometrical form of necessary accuracy.

Brusok - a simple constructive element of the corresponding length, various section and the form. Limiting section bruska from a file - 100x50ΠΌΠΌ. Bruski the big sections are almost inexpedient, as they insufficiently formoustojchivy at shrinkage, swelling and koroblenii.

the Framework is a constructive element - the knot consisting from four bruskov, in knots connected various vjazkami. More often in frameworks bruski are in one plane. Happens that the framework has additional bruski - sredniki. At vertically standing framework vertical bruski name stoemnymi, horizontal - cross-section. At frameworks long bruski are called as longitudinal, and short - cross-section.

the Lattice is a framework with a considerable quantity srednikov, the located in vertical or horizontal position, and is possible - in that and the friend. The box consists of four bruskov, connected shipovoj the viscous more often. Vertical or horizontal bruski in a box name impostami.

the Board can be heavy, or massive, and a lung. The wooden plate of a various thickness collected from reek or bruskov, represents a heavy board. The board collected from four or more bruskov, sheathed from two parties plywood-resticky or a wood-fiber plate, is called as a lung. For decrease in heat conductivity and zvukoprovodnosti space between a covering fill teploizoljatsionnym with a material. The every possible profile details applied in joiner's and furniture works, name depending on their appointment.

Eaves krepjat at the top of a case, a partition - between a wall and overlapping, plinths - in the bottom of walls, partitions, cases, pilasters - on height of walls, sometimes on vertical bruskam cases. Gorbylki apply in frameworks at their division into separate parts, receiving thereby a lattice, or dividing window cover into smaller parts. Apportions - thin rather narrow rejki with smooth or profilirovannoj a surface - apply to closing of joints between boards, covers etc. Shtapiki - brusochki small section - apply to fastening of glasses in covers, replacing simultaneously hairpins and putty.

Kalevki is bruski various section and the size with the figured dredging selected on their face sheet (platens, guskami, heels, corbels, etc.). Kalevki give bruskam, to eaves, apportions, shtapikam and to other details more beautiful kind. To smaller profile details carry rejki, planochki, lugs, etc.

Bruski, boards, boards on the separate parties have the names: the narrow parties are called as edges, wide - plastjami, a differentiation place plasti and edges - an edge. At board cutting, bruska, a board at right angle to fibres receive the face party , or an end face , and at an angle 45° - semiface.

In the course of manufacturing of products separate details it is necessary srashchivat on length and to connect under various corners.