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Gljuteinovye glues (mezdrovyj and bone) are glues of an animal origin.

Mezdrovyj produce glue from an inner side of a hypodermic of skins of animals, and also from scraps and a waste of crude skins, bone glue - from the bones degreased and cleared of extraneous impurity, hoofs, horns. Gljuteinovye glues let out dry in tiles in length 150-200, width 80-100, thickness 10-15мм, and also in the form of groats or scales (is more convenient at preparation - bulks up faster) is more often.

Bone glue let out and in a gelatinous kind, galertoj. In this glue necessarily add antiseptics. From galerty it is easy to prepare a glutinous solution. Colour of tiled glue depending on structure of raw materials-from light yellow - to dark brown. Quality glue - steklovidnyj, light, instead of muddy, smooth, instead of wavy etc., at a break forms keen edges.

Produce glues of four grades: the higher, the first, the second and the third.

Gljuteinovye is recommended to be stored glues in a dry aired premise. At air temperature not above 15°Р galertu long it is not recommended to store. The glue Small amount can be stored in a refrigerator.

glues the first and second grades produce Kazeinovye from casein (fat-free cottage cheese), slaked to exhaust, fluoric sodium, copper kuporosa and kerosene.

Glue let out two marks: "¦ъё=Ёр" (В-107) and "+с" (ordinary). In mark glue "+с" copper kuporos do not enter, casein use the second grade.

Glue represents homogeneous weight of yellow-white colour without insects and larvae.

Store glue in a dry, aired premise at air temperature not above 30°Р, differently it loses the properties. In 5 months of storage, considering from the date of release, glue should be checked up on durability of pasting.

Synthetic glues (karbomidnye, melamino-mochevino-formal-degidnye, etc.) gribostojki and water racks, possess the big durability of pasting. Let out firm, pastelike, liquid, poroshkoobraznye. Before glue use it is necessary to familiarise with the instruction on its preparation and ways of pasting.

Epoksidnye glues consist of polymer, solvent (ethyl spirit in a mix with acetone) and softener (dibutilftalat). This glue is universal - possesses high durability of pasting without a high pressure at zapressovke, but demands thorough training of stuck together surfaces. At air temperature 20°Р hardens for 24 ch, at 60°Р - 4ч, and at 120°Р - 2ч.

At use of this glue it is necessary to carry out the recommendations resulted on packing.

At performance of painting and decorating apply various finishing materials: drying oils, pigments, oil paints, enamels, varnishes and polishes, dyes and prograsses, sikkativy, porozapolniteli.