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Internal furnish (a part 2)


Partitions and panels. Joiner's partitions and panels are the lungs which are not bearing walls, dividing space between main walls within a floor on separate premises or rooms.

On the performance they can be panel board, that is stuck together of separate prifugovannyh on edges of boards, or filenchatymi, that is executed on type filenchatyh door cloths.

Partitions in the form of boards produce at factories, other kinds - on a place of works as forces of masters or builders. Partitions do various designs, applying wood with a simple structure both the subsequent colouring by oil and other paints or wood of valuable breeds with the subsequent varnishing and polishing.

Partitions can reach a ceiling or not reach it on some distance, and also to be completely glazed or glazed on 2 / 3 heights.

Establish them on a floor or on boards of the necessary width. Partitions krepjat to a floor and a ceiling screws or nails of the corresponding length. In the bottom of a partition necessarily frame with plinths, and above - galtelju. Correctly and well arranged partitions decorate a premise.

Doors in partitions hang on racks or to obvjazkam. Boards connect among themselves the intermediate racks strengthened between walls by a floor and a ceiling or between horizontal bruskami, fixed between walls. Cracks between boards close nashchelnikami.

Doors for partitions produce also lungs, from this a material, as a partition. Except partitions indoors apply panels (fig. 89).

Joiner's partitions and panels: and - frame; - the panel board veneered deaf person; in - filenchataja the deaf person; g - filenchataja, partially ostelknnaja, but reaching a ceiling; d - filenchataja, glazed on half of the height, not reaching a ceiling; e - filenchataja the panel

89. Joiner's partitions and panels :
And - frame; - the panel board veneered deaf person; in - filenchataja the deaf person; g - filenchataja, partially ostelknnaja, but reaching a ceiling; d - filenchataja, glazed on half of the height, not reaching a ceiling; e - filenchataja the panel

Frame partitions are easier, than filenchatye. They consist of a skeleton and facing (fig. 89,). Collect a skeleton on nails from bruskov various section, but more often thickness of 25-32 mm, width 50-80 mm. On a floor and a ceiling strictly on one vertical krepjat bruski which skeleton racks should adjoin, between vertical racks beat horizontal bruski.

Revet partitions from both parties with plywood-resticky, a wood-fiber firm plate, plaster dry plaster (sheets). Facing beat to racks and obreshetke a skeleton the nails which hats are desirable for drowning in thickness of a material that they did not act at colouring.

For soundproofing in a skeleton put one, two or more layers wood-fiber izoljatsionnyh plates which should block joined places of the previous. To bruskam a skeleton it is good to miss the mark places of an adjunction of plates with the pure plaster test. If there is sawdust and plaster it is possible to cast plaster plates of the necessary thickness, having arranged from reek forms. The sifted sawdust quickly and carefully mixes with plaster from calculation 1 part of plaster and 3 parts of sawdust. The received mix shut water and stack in forms. After plate drying insert into lattice apertures, fix nails and coat seams with the plaster test. Besides, from shlakovaty or glass wool it is possible to sew floor-mats, stacking a material between two layers of a dense kraft-paper or cardboard sheets.

Zasypka sawdust is inefficient, as they dry out, sit down, therefore soundproofing of a plate is broken. Felt on edges beat to bruskam a skeleton, preliminary having impregnated antimolevym with structure and well having dried.

Instead of felt it is possible to apply foam rubber or others nezvukoprovodnye synthetic materials. Face sheets of frame partitions paint oil or other paints, paste over with wall-paper, a film and a paper with a textural face sheet, and also fanerujut decorative breeds of a tree.

Plywood-pereklejku and wood-fiber plates krepjat nails, it is obligatory utaplivaja hats, then cover shpaklevkoj, smooth out, grease drying oil and paint.

Panel board veneered partitions do by lungs frame with facing by plywood or other materials. Frame boards carry out the necessary size and is strict in a square. Instead of frame boards apply drevesnostruzhechnye plates, them also revet.

For giving to partitions of corresponding beauty large panels cut on separate pieces (fig. 89. The bottom part of boards do by wider, top - half already. Between parts lay rejki black colour. Establish partitions either on a floor, or on the boards laid under them. Below frame with a plinth, and above krepjat galtel.

To a floor, a ceiling or partition walls krepjat nails or screws, as krepjat partitions to a skeleton if boards establish between racks. All joints close apportions or nashchelnikami. Apportions apply smooth or profilirovannye with kalevkami. Colour of apportions can be identical with boards or another.

Filenchatye of a partition consist as though from separate filenchatyh doors, their width depends on length of a premise. Partitions do by the deaf persons reaching a ceiling (fig. 89, and in need of ventilation of premises - not reaching a ceiling, usually on 500 mm.

In drawing 89, in the partition consisting as though from two doors, each of which, in turn, - from four panels, top - from panels, the smallest on the size is shown. The bottom panels do usual, acting of bruskov obvjazki or flush with them. They can be a usual thickness, but with an arrangement of a structure of wood, as is shown in drawing. It is beautiful, when each number of panels differs a wood structure.

In drawing 89, g, d, two partitions which are not reaching a ceiling are shown. One of them is glazed partially, another - on half of the height that provides good illumination and ventilation of premises. Panels square and squared below krepjat to a floor, and above - to horizontal brusku, located between two walls and racks.

In need of partitions arrange doors of precisely same form, as at a partition.

Panels decorate premise walls, give them solidity and simultaneously hide defects of a surface or the laid armature. Panels produce from a seasoned wood of the first grade without signs of decay and infection with a bug-drevoedom. The panels executed from a pine, a fur-tree, an aspen, paint, from wood with a beautiful structure - varnish and polish.

Panels panel board or filenchatye (fig. 89, produce the same as partitions. Put them closely to a wall or with some space from it. It is better to put the panel not on a floor, and on a board. Below the panel close a plinth, and above - galtelju or eaves. Krepjat nails if walls gvozdimy, in other walls punch apertures, drive in stoppers, and then drive in nails or special probes. Usually the height of panels does not exceed 2 / 3 premise height.

Places of connections of panels carefully adjust, cracks close apportions.