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Internal furnish


The Built houses finish inside and outside. To furnish indoors apply more often dry plaster or plywood, panels; window apertures make out beautiful, but smooth platbands from which it is easily possible to remove a dust.

Outside stone and brick houses plaster, paint, revet with a tile, wooden also plaster, revet, but finish with a tree is more often. The covering outside not only decorates the house, but also warms it, protects from destruction.

It is necessary to Finish houses after repeated okonopachivanija not earlier than in a year-one and a half, and it is better two after building, that is after full deposits of walls. At furnish of the house to deposits of walls probably swelling of a covering or navisanie walls over struts.

The House outside decorate simple or carved platbands and eaves, round it do various protections. If the erected house will finish to plane logs with internal and lateral aspect it is not recommended.

Furnish of ceilings. Nakat or the filing, executed precisely, cover with sheets of plywood-pereklejki or dry plaster, applying nails. Sheets join on the middle of plates nakata or on the middle of a board of filing. Cracks between plates nakata close bruskami the necessary form or cover gipsopeschanoj with a mix. Preliminary a chisel lift small shchepu, creating a necessary roughness of a surface. Then prepare a small portion gipsopeschanoj mixes (1 part of plaster and 2-3 parts of dry sand). A mix mix, shut water to density of the test and vmazyvajut a solution in seams, levelling zapodlitso with nakatom. After putty drying start a covering of ceilings.

Furnish of walls. Before a covering it is recommended to check up horizontal position and vertical position of walls, if necessary to correct. If house walls have settled, seams or grooves between logs notch chisels, lifting shchepu. gipsopeschanoj mixes cover with a solution seams, levelling them at level of face sheets of logs, after all logs it is from the inside obligatory otesyvajut that walls were equal. After the solution will dry up, start a ceiling covering. Sheathe walls flush with acting edges of window and door boxes. Krepjat a covering nails the in length of 20-30 mm which hammer through 250 mm from each other in chessboard order. Hats of nails are desirable for drowning in thickness of plywood or dry plaster, preliminary having made razzenkovku. The sheathed walls and ceilings prepare under colouring or pasting by wall-paper, and then put to the place of a plinth and platbands.

the Device of eaves . produce from a seasoned wood, different height, with kalevkami or other profile, sometimes in the form of simple galteli with one or two thongs (fig. 87). Krepjat galtel nails, utaplivaja in hats in thickness of wood, hammering through 700-1000 mm.

Eaves-galtel: 1 - a ceiling; 2 - galtel; 3 - a wall

87. Eaves-galtel :
1 - a ceiling; 2 - galtel; 3 - a wall

If ceilings paste over with a white paper or wall-paper them preliminary paint whitewash. Wall-paper on walls and ceilings should adjoin closely edges galteli.

Manufacturing and installation of platbands . platbands decorate window and doorways, besides, they bury cracks between boxes and walls. Produce them from wood of coniferous breeds, is more rare than the deciduous. The industry let out smooth and narrow platbands, rural builders can make platbands of any width with various kalevkami on a face sheet. Put platbands indoors from three parties (with top and lateral). Lateral faces should adjoin closely to podokonnoj to a board. Door platbands also put from three parties (fig. 88).

the Platband for windows and doors: and - platbands; - installation of window platbands; in - connection of platbands in corners; g - platbands for doors: 1 - a window sill; 2 - a platband; 3 - a box; 4 - cover; 5 door; 6 - brusok for fastening to it of boards; 7 - partition boards; 8 - a bedside table; 9 - a plinth in the bottom of a door

88. A platband for windows and doors :
And - platbands; - installation of window platbands; in - connection of platbands in corners; g - platbands for doors: 1 - a window sill; 2 - a platband; 3 - a box; 4 - cover; 5 door; 6 - brusok for fastening to it of boards; 7 - partition boards; 8 - a bedside table; 9 - a plinth in the bottom of a door

Produce platbands so. Dry boards (tes) in the thickness to 30 mm, width plane 75-150 mm from different directions. Platbands should be always wider bruskov than a box on 25-50 mm. On an underside of platbands choose a groove or a backlash depth no more than 2 mm which should not reach edges on 10-15 mm. In this case platbands adjoin to a box and walls more densely. From a face sheet of platbands select kalevki the necessary form and the size. Having planed corresponding preparation, it cut on a part of the necessary size.

Internal platbands for windows and doors in corners connect "эр ѕё" for what them cut off in stusle or on malke at an angle 45°. Fasten platbands in corners nails, or that it is much better, plug-in thorns or viscous "эр ѕё" in a half-tree, either a direct thorn, or a plug-in thorn.

In corners of a detail of platbands should as it is possible to adjoin more densely to each other and in a case koroblenija wood the place stykovanija should not extend. Elements kalevok should adjoin precisely to each other.

Platbands into place put on nails without glue. Nails apply in the length 75 mm, drive in through 400-500 mm from each other, utaplivaja hats into wood. Krepjat platbands or closely to a box face sheet, or with a space from it of 5-20 mm depending on in what party open shutters.

Platbands at window apertures should adjoin closely to podokonnoj to a board, at door - or to reach a floor or not to reach it on 200-300 mm. It allows to put bedside tables, that is thicker pieces of boards smoothly planed, without kalevok. The bedside table protects a bottom of platbands from fast deterioration. In a case perestilki floors or other repair it is enough to remove a bedside table, without tearing off platbands.

In the presence of a door bedside table take more beautiful form. Platbands establish into place after naveshivanija doors, then beat a plinth.