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Manufacturing of the wooden tool (ch. 2)


the Machine tool for luchkovoj saws. Produce it so (fig. 23. At first prepare two bruska and vystrugivajut preparations by section 45x35мм, length 310мм. On narrow edges of preparations spend an axial line (it is shown by a dotted line) and nearby - on two risks so that in the middle bruska the rack had a thickness after zachistki 15мм. Rotation or a drill with a drill in diameter 15мм on one end of everyone bruska bore through on a through aperture to perpendicularly edges bruskov.

Then bruski fix in a vice and saw off from two parties superfluous wood. After pilenija lateral faces of racks smooth out a rasp or drachevym a file, a grinding skin or tsiklej. In the top part for a bowstring do cuts of the round or triangular form, by depth 5 and width 10мм.

Then start manufacturing of handles which vystragivajut and cut out from bruskov section 35X35мм, length 130мм. Handles do round or octahedral, a neck of handles necessarily round, diameter 14-15мм. On the neck centre carry out has spent on drink in the width 1-2мм, depth (length) 60мм into which then insert a shaft of a cloth of the saw, fixed in the handle a hairpin or a nail with otkusannym the end.

Srednik represents brusok section 25x30мм, length not less 1000мм. On the ends it is done by nests or eyes of such size that racks densely entered into them. Eyes or nests do after into racks will insert handles, and in them will fix saw shafts. Racks put at right angle in relation to a saw cloth, measure distance between racks and transfer it on srednik. This distance should be equal to distance between nests or eyes.

Made srednik put on racks, fix bechevu or a bowstring, insert into it zakrutku, rotate it and pull thereby a saw cloth.

In the absence of rotation or a corresponding drill of a rack it is possible to make of a tree and metal. Racks do from bruskov by section 45x15мм, and a tip for necks of handles - from roofing, folded double, steels, thickness 1,5-2мм or it is more than duralumin or from aluminium more thickly 3мм. Tips krepjat to racks nails. To protect hands, metal should be wrapped up two-three layers of any fabric or izoljatsionnoj tapes. Srednik also it is possible to make with the metal ends, forming shezda or eyes.

Kolodki for a plane. It produce integral, from one piece of a tree, or compound, from two pieces (fig. 23. Kolodku from two pieces to execute much easier, its quality does not vary. Halves kolodok either stick together among themselves, or stick together and in addition fasten screws. For this purpose two bruska section 65x23мм, length on 270мм well plane, on lateral faces mark the form letka, spend risks on which will conduct further processing of halves letka.

On risks carry out prosaws a saw melkozubkoj with the subsequent sample of wood. Having given letku the necessary form, smooth out its chisel. Having executed both half kolodki, them preliminary fasten dry clamps or screws and definitively smooth out and correct letok.

Then into it insert a knife, fix klinkom and check a plane in work. At zaderzhivanii shavings under a piece of iron or in a tray correct and check the tool. Kolodku smooth out in the collected kind or it break and correct in halves. After that halves collect on glue with additional fastening by the screws, which hats utaplivajut in thickness of wood on 2-3мм. Screws take shorter than a thickness kolodki on 5-10мм. In a day or more as soon as glue completely will dry up, a sole and top kolodki level fugankom (fugujut) and saw off the superfluous ends, leaving kolodku in the length 240мм, it is more or less than this standard size but so that from a mouth till the end of a forward part was 105мм.

Then produce klinok the necessary form and the size, and also an emphasis and a small horn, and all put on kolodku. For a stopper it is possible to use a bolt of the necessary length with a hat in diameter not less 10мм. All sharp sides of the back party kolodki should be rounded off, and kolodku to cover with drying oil or a varnish. Compound kolodki produce for any plane.

Toporishcha (fig. 23,) can be the different form and the size. Produce them from komlevoj parts of a trunk of a birch, a beech or other viscous breed. Preparation prick out, instead of cut. On it draw the form toporishcha, manufacture, it is temporary nasazhivajut on an axe, saw off surpluses, nasazhivajut, drive in a wedge as it is possible more strongly.

Handles for hammers (fig. 23, produce from prjamoslojnoj wood. Nasazhivajut in the same sequence, as well as toporishcha. It is possible to arrange wire fastening as it is specified in drawing.

Handles for chisels and chisels (fig. 23, produce from firm, viscous breeds. Handles for chisels put on rings. Bore through in them apertures so that the handle nasazhivalas with the big effort. Sometimes drill two apertures: in the beginning big, then small, so that a chisel nasazhivalas the shaft very strongly.