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Pasting (ch. 2)


Synthetic glues. These glues possess certain advantages before other glues. They water racks, gribostojki, promote reception of a strong glutinous seam. At the same time some of them possess the raised harm and hardness of a glutinous seam. They happen firm, poroshkoobraznymi, pastelike, liquid and film. Are dissolved in water, spirit, emulsijah. Some of glues harden too slowly. Package in the small portions with the appendix of the instruction on preparation and application.

pasting Modes. Pasting of products should give a great attention as their durability depends on it. Stuck together planes should adjoin densely to each other. Fragile pasting is observed at pollution of places sklejki, non-uniform drawing of a glutinous solution and insufficient pressure at compression. Besides, durability of pasting is influenced by quality of materials, their humidity and ways of storage. In avoidance koroblenija preparations strozhku it is necessary to carry out directly ahead of pasting. Wood of the raised humidity cannot be stuck together. The best wood humidity of 7-10%, and plywood and an interline interval - about 5% is considered. Surfaces for pasting should be smooth.

Pasting bone and mezdrovymi glues. Thus it is necessary to observe the following mode: the temperature indoors should be not more low 18°Р; wood temperature - not more low 18°Р; pressure size at zapressovke - 3-8 (plast, an edge) and 2-3 kgs/sm 2 (semiend faces); endurance under pressure at temperature 18-20°Р - from 3 to 6ч; endurance after zapressovki shipovyh connections - not less 2ч. For increase in durability and acceleration of drying of glutinous connections it is recommended to warm up the stuck together details to temperature no more 60°Р. The thickness of a glutinous seam should be nearby 0,08-0,15мм.

At manual namazyvanii glue of small surfaces apply lubjanye brushes, the big surfaces - wide shchetinnye.

Lubjanye of a brush do so. Cut out a thick piece lime pli oak luba. Cut off from one end a bark for the length 5-10мм, put such preparation in hot water and after rasparivanija process a hammer, putting on it blows to full razmolachivanija. Bark traces clean and leave only lub. At pasting it is impossible to heat up wood from above 40°Р as ia it dry stains are formed. It occurs because dry and hot wood quickly absorbs a part of a moisture from glue.

At wood temperature more low 15°Р glue badly sticks together, as does not get into a time of wood and almost is completely squeezed out by thorns from an eye. Before zapressovkoj it is recommended to smear stuck together preparations with a glutinous solution, to sustain 2-3мин (open endurance) then to connect, but not zapressovat, and to leave approximately on 3-5мин (the closed endurance) and only after that zapressovat. The endurance promotes vpityvaniju a glutinous solution during a wood time. Besides, at open endurance the moisture and a glutinous solution hardly partially is allocated gets thick that reduces humidity of wood. The open endurance is expedient, when apply a liquid glutinous solution.

At the lowered temperature of air the open endurance can lead premature zastudnevaniju gluing, it is impossible what to suppose. It is not recommended to reduce term of open endurance as durability of pasting decreases. Zapressovannye products maintain not less 3ч.

Eyes and thorns smear with glue on all parties. Sometimes joiners simply dip thorns in a glutinous solution and insert them into eyes.

Pasting kazeinovymi glues. The temperature indoors should be not more low -12°C. A glutinous solution put on one of stuck together surfaces, and it is frequent on both surfaces, but a thin layer that the wood structure was slightly appeared through through a glue layer. Two thin layers of glue should equal to one layer put at one time.

Endurance Term gluing after drawing to zapressovki (that is time of the open and closed endurance) - no more 4-6мин. SHipovye and semiface connections maintain under pressure (in clamps, vajmah, collars) 6-8ч, and after zapressovki - 6-12ч. Before the further processing after zapressovki obligatory endurance of a product-20-24ch. The expense of a working glutinous solution on 1м 2 happens a miscellaneous. At processing of the products which have been stuck together kazeinovym by glue, because of presence in it firm kaltsievyh salts the tool quickly tupitsja.

Pasting by synthetic glues . many synthetic glues at the room and raised temperature harden too slowly. Therefore in them add special hardeners. Pressure at zapressovke depending on character of stuck together preparations happens 3-12 kgs/sm 2 . Duration of pasting - 24-50ч.

After work the brush should be washed out and dried well. If it not to make in due time it will become unfit for use.

Szhimy applied at pasting.

szhimov, details applied to compression at pasting, it is a lot of Designs. In drawing 22 the most simple which are easy for making of logs, bruskov or boards are shown a little. At veneering apply homutovye (in the form of the clamp letter. They can be wooden or metal. Without szhimov it is impossible to stick together various products strongly.