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Planimetric, ploskorelefnaja, the profound and openwork carving


Other kinds of a carving Are of interest also: planimetric, ploskorelefnaja, deepened, openwork (fig. 105).

the Planimetric carving to execute simply, but she demands special accuracy and attention. On preparation by the sharp tool transfer contours of drawing in the form of small fillets of the triangular or semicircular form and on these contours or about them an angular cutter with an oblique edge or other tool cut out lines depth to 1 mm. Then a carving smooth out a grinding skin. Drawing turns out flat (fig. 105,).

Ploskorelefnuju carry out a carving with a various background: zavalnym, chosen, worked and procarved. Drawing thus turns out convex though put it on flat preparation.

To work apply cutters - flat and semicircular, angular and bent. The width of cutters can be different.

The Carving with zavalnym a background carry out so. Round drawing contours cut out flutes from lateral aspect - vertically downwards, and with internal do not cut off, but only round off along the edges. In the course of processing receive a low relief with a shade. All details of drawing are in one plane. The background, or a tree plane, on preparation do not choose.

The Carving with study of the form of drawing carry out the same as with zavalnym a background, but thus cut off a background with a small bias to drawing.

Other kinds of a carving: and - planimetric ploskorelefnaja; - cut figures

Other kinds of a carving: and - planimetric ploskorelefnaja; - cut figures

105. Other kinds of a carving :
And - planimetric ploskorelefnaja; - cut figures

To receive a carving with the chosen background, drawing from different directions limit to hollows with the flat basis. Where it is required, drawing slightly round off and finish as a low relief. The chosen background process variously.

This kind of a carving it is possible to carry out a geometrical, vegetative and animal ornament (fig. 105.

the Profound carving can be ploskouglublennoj when an ornament deepen on insignificant depth, in thickness of preparation, a background remains untouched, and deepened when an ornament leave at preparation level, and a background deepen.

At a profound carving a background cut deeply, sometimes on 10 mm, depending on a thickness of preparation. Drawing contours leave at initial level. Having hollowed a deep background, it level bent zhelobchatymi cutters of the necessary width.

The Geometrical carving is considered by us earlier at a cutting of triangles. Depending on the size and appointment they can have different depth.

the Openwork carving is almost procarved carving when all background cut out, drill and cut.

Cut figures carry out so. On preparation transfer contours of drawing and cut superfluous wood, for example, produce the socket, any bird, an animal etc. These figures apply to furnish of houses, a roof ridge, walls, doors, gate, protections. Figures cut out deaf or openwork - procarved, with sharp to edges or zavalnymi.