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To wood planing apply planes with metal and wooden kolodkami. Kolodki wooden planes for sherhebelja and planes do in the length 205 and 240мм. In the book planes with a size kolodok 240мм are considered. Fuganki, polufuganki and other planes produce only one size.

the Device of planes. Kolodka of a plane is rectangular, it is good ostrogannyj brusok, two-piece: soles and overlays. A sole produce from wood firm, maloistiraemyh breeds: a hornbeam, a maple, a beech, an ash-tree, a white acacia; an overlay, a horn, an emphasis, a wedge - from the same breeds of wood, as a sole, but it is possible from a birch, ilma, beresty. A sole and an overlay fasten among themselves on glue on a smooth fugue or gear connection.

Kolodki of planes can be and integral. Almost in the middle kolodki arrange the inclined through aperture necessary for an exit of a shaving. Above it wide (letok), and below (on a sole) - narrow (mouth). the Mouth divides kolodku in the length 240мм on two parts: a lobby (sock) in the length 105мм and back - a heel.

Letok inside consists as though of two parts - narrow with a coat hanger and wider. In an aperture with a coat hanger put a knife and klinok which presses a knife to letku and by that fixes it. Klinok do on 10мм more widely a knife. A knife and klinok the parties should adjoin densely to letku, differently the wood shaving will cling to an aperture and to disturb to a shaving. On shaving removal a lot of time, and, besides, leaves she does not allow to execute pure planing. The knife is a new name of a piece of iron.

The Aperture letka from two parties is limited to cheeks in the thickness not less 5мм. More thin cheeks are fragile, and thick raise weight kolodki.

For convenience of work as such planes as planes and sherhebeli, in a forward part kolodok suit a small horn for the left hand, under a knife krepjat an emphasis which protects the right hand from travmirovanija about knife edges. From the top party kolodki, that is an end face, it is recommended to round off a back part that protects a palm from sharp edges kolodki.

At dredging of a knife from kolodki to its back party (back) strike blows by a hammer, rumpling thereby wood kolodki and even sometimes it splitting. To protect kolodku, into it insert a stopper with a convex hat in diameter 18, thickness 5мм, with a leg in diameter 8, length 26мм. For stronger deduction of a stopper in kolodke on a knife are available so-called krylushki. Produce a stopper from a steel of marks 08, 10, 15, 20.

Sometimes stoppers produce wooden, but term of their service is insignificant. In drawing 13 the plane cut is shown. The knife should adjoin densely to kolodke and klinku. Permissible deviations - no more 0,1мм on length of a knife and no more than 0,05 on its width. The big admissions are inadmissible. At the basic planes knifes put in letok kolodki at an angle 45° which is called as a cutting corner. At smaller coal to plane easier, the removed shaving is chopped off, instead of cut off, and planing turns out less pure. At coal of cutting it is more 45° for example 60-80° the knife does not plane, and scrapes.

plane Details: 1 - a plane sole; 2 - a sock strugo; 3 - a small horn; 4 - a tray; 5, 11 - klinok; 6 - a knife; 7 - an emphasis; 8 - a stopper; 9 - a heel; 11 - a mouth

13. Plane details :
1 - a plane sole; 2 - a sock strugo; 3 - a small horn; 4 - a tray; 5, 11 - klinok; 6 - a knife; 7 - an emphasis; 8 - a stopper; 9 - a heel; 11 - a mouth

The Width of a mouth influences cleanliness of planing. The it already, the more purely, and on the contrary. Width of a mouth consider from a sting of a knife to a forward wall of a mouth. Width of a mouth reduce, inserting a lug into a sole kolodki. At first do a lug, put it in a sole proper place, lead round round it thin to risk, after risk cut out wood for a thickness of a lug. A nest under a lug smooth out, a lug put on glue and press a clamp (fig. 14). In a day a sole fugujut. The average width of a mouth in kolodke without the inserted knife in sherhebele is equal 9мм, in a plane - 8мм, in fuganke - 7мм. The width of a mouth, besides, depends on a thickness of a knife.

lug Statement: 1 - a sole kolodki; 2 - a lug; 3 - a mouth; 4 - a knife

14. Lug statement :
1 - a sole kolodki; 2 - a lug; 3 - a mouth; 4 - a knife