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Preparation of a surface of wood


In the course of preparation of a surface of wood under varnishing and polishing carry out following operations: zachistku, grinding, pile removal, bleaching and obessmolivanie. Definitive furnish of a product depends On skilful performance of these operations.

Zachistku carry out shtiftikom which knife carefully sharpen and correct on oselke; the more sharply a knife, the better. Gorbatik put from an edge (sting) on distance of 0,5 mm, no more. After zachistki the wood surface should be equal and smooth.

If on it there will be some defects (knots, pitch it will be allocated) correct their statement of inserts, on colour and a structure not different from repaired wood.

Having eliminated defective places, wood grind a fine-grained skin along layers before full removal of traces of the tool.

As though well the surface has been ground, on it nevertheless there is a pile - the smallest wood fibres. During varnishing or polishing pile rises and spoils a transparent cover varnish or a film political urn.

Usually pile is smoothed and strongly pressed into wood. To lift it, it is necessary to humidify, first of all, a wood surface, having wiped a damp or wet rag. After careful drying the lifted fibers remove tsiklej or a fine-grained skin (tsiklja it is better). For full removal of pile this operation is repeated by two-three times. To give to pile the big hardness and to provide its full raising and removal, in water add a little joiner's glue. Pile, drying up, rises, becomes more rigid a little and is easier leaves.

After careful polishing a surface will sweep off a brush, and the detail or a product are ready for the subsequent furnish: dyeing, varnishing or polishing.

The Wood having on a surface colour stains, if necessary bleach. Only the most light breeds well give in to bleaching: a maple, an aspen, a linden, a silvery poplar.

There are some various bleaches on structure.

Well bleaches 15%-s' water solution of peroxide of hydrogen. With this structure moisten a surface of wood and leave for some days then it becomes absolutely white and does not demand washing.

Fast bleaching it is possible to execute 6-10%-s' solution shchavelevoj acids. For this purpose take 1 l of hot water, add 60-100 g shchavelevoj acids, all carefully stir. Wood is covered with 2-3 times. After bleaching a wood surface carefully wash out hot water.

Obessmolivanie of wood carry out a tampon moistened with acetone, gasoline, turpentine or a soda solution. Obessmolivanie interferes with colouring by water dyes and strong pasting of details.

After obessmolivanija it is necessary to dry wood well and then to start the further processing.