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the Procarved and unprofitable carving


This kind of a carving to execute much easier, than the deaf person. Thus instead of usual cutters it is possible to use more productive tools: a fret saw with small teeths and chisels, flat and semicircular.

the Procarved carving (fig. 106, is a usual carving with completely chosen background. It can be geometrical, planimetric, zaovalennoj, at good and pure execution gives to a product azhurnost and ease, especially to platbands, eaves and protections. To cut an ornament of a procarved or unprofitable carving it is easier, than to choose a background with nadrezkoj contours in a deaf carving.

Procarved and naladnaja a carving: and - procarved; - a waybill; in - adaptations for preparation deduction at carving cutting out

106. Procarved and naladnaja a carving :
And - procarved; - a waybill; in - adaptations for preparation deduction at carving cutting out

Ornament Edges not always turn out equal and pure, therefore them round off, cutting off a narrow facet along the edges, or choose narrow galteli-deepenings. The house carving does not demand especially careful performance, as it looks from apart is more often.

The House carving basically carry out pileniem and drilling. The traces left the tool, smooth out seldom, teases of wood often do not take into consideration. However many joiners try to execute such carving as it is possible more purely.

Apertures in preparation or in a detail bore through or cut round chisels, small and large that depends on in what place of a detail there should be an aperture. For protection of a detail from skalyvanija its back party it is necessary to press densely to any smooth board.

Draft to a scrap carry out closely to ornament lines. Cleanliness scraps depends not only on ability to work, but also from a tool sharpness. After draught scraps smooth out preparation or cut off absolutely. A chisel thus put in relation to a detail with some inclination, moving downwards and a little aside. This reception facilitates work, and allows to receive purer carving.

In a procarved carving a facet cut off on an underside, deleting the chopped off and rough edges of an ornament. The width of facets depends on drawing of an ornament and a thickness of a detail.

To Drill apertures much faster. For this purpose select drills of the necessary diameter, preparation densely stack on an equal board. That wood was not chopped off, drill not at once for all thickness of preparation. As soon as the drill centre leaves on a preparation underside, it overturn, put a drill in the remained trace and bore through up to the end.

Saw through details in such sequence. First of all, bore through an aperture, then insert into it a fret saw or nozhovku and saw through on the put risks. Preparation can be stacked on a workbench and to saw through from top to down, but to arrange a special support from a thick board in length about metre is better. For this purpose in a board drill or chisel through four through apertures, on two from each end, on distance of 50 mm from each other. In these apertures put strongly racks (bruski square section) height 200-250 mm. Between them stack preparation and if it is necessary, fix wedges. A special support krepjat to a workbench clamps, nails or screws.

the Unprofitable carving (fig. 106, is the ornament executed by a procarved carving and pasted or beaten by nails on a ready background, for example, on a board for a platband or on other detail. The unprofitable carving at such way of performance turns out more accurate in comparison with a deaf carving and looks much better. In this case the procarved carving should be carried out as it is possible more purely. It is not recommended to remove a facet with a detail underside as the impression of isolation of a carving of the basic background can be made. Skoly from an underside of the cut out detail are undesirable.