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Hinged regiments of open type (112) suspend fig. on a wall or establish on a floor. Easy and convenient regiments produce so. Take a board of the necessary width, lengths, thickness and plane from different directions. Produce from 5-8-миллиметровой a wire (armaturnoj) collars. The collar height should equal to width of a board or to be it is slightly more. A wire well straighten and clear of a rust a grinding skin. In a board on distance of 100-300 mm from edge drill apertures under diameter of a wire depth of 60 mm. To a board with one or from three parties it is possible to strengthen glue, nails or screws sides from reek in the thickness of 5-7 mm, in height on 10-15 mm there is more than thickness of a board. That collars did not rust, it is necessary to paint them oil, enamel or a nitropaint.

Hinged regiments: and - a collar; - a shelf with a collar; in - a double shelf; g - an additional collar

112. Hinged regiments :
And - a collar; - a shelf with a collar; in - a double shelf; g - an additional collar

If necessary over a shelf it is possible to hang a number of other shelves of identical width, having made for this purpose pendant collars.

In such a way it is possible to make regiments of other type on nails or on glue, carrying out corresponding connections.

It is necessary to remember that the nails hammered along fibres, in an end face, hold much more poorly, than hammered across fibres. For durability of such connections about an end face it is recommended to drill a through aperture of the necessary diameter and to insert into it, it is better on glue, round wooden nagel or to execute a type groove "ырё=юёъшэ §тюё=" and to insert there shponku, it is desirable on glue. Nails or the screws hammered or wrapped in nagel or shponku, hold very strongly (fig. 113).

the Improved way of fastening of details screws or nails

113. The improved way of fastening of details screws or nails

the Regiments of open type represented in drawing 114, a-g, suspend on a wall. Do them of boards, drevesnostruzhechnyh plates, which krepjat by nails or with the help shipovyh connections. According to a material revet, varnish, polish or paint paints.

Regiments: and, in, g - hinged; d=floor

114. Regiments :
And, in, g - hinged; d=floor

The Floor shelf (fig. 114, it is possible to execute from a various material, but it is better from boards - wide or narrow, stuck together. Shelf lateral faces krepjat cross-section boards-regiments by shipovyh connections in a groove "ырё=юёъшэ §тюё=". Cuts of grooves close apportions, which krepjat on glue or nails.