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Round wood


Round wood subdivide into logs and ranges. A log are pieces of a trunk of a different thickness in top otreze which diameter happens different. Round forest products depending on a thickness (diameter) divide into 3 groups: small, average and large. At coniferous breeds small in top otreze have diameter 6-13см, average - 14-24 and large - 26см and more, at deciduous small - 8-13см, other sizes, as at coniferous. Divide logs into groups: small, average and large. In each group of a log divide into grades.

Length of logs - 3-6,5м with gradation through 0,5м. In building apply logs of 2nd and 3rd grades.

The Range is a piece from bottom, komlevoj parts of a trunk in length to 4м. Thin trunks of trees in the top section 8-11см name in the thickness podtovarnikom, 3-7см - poles. Ranges of logs on a preparation place are recommended to be cleared of a bark that they faster sohli and the bug-drevoed was not got.

To Store round wood it is necessary lifted from the earth a minimum on 50см. Thus wood is protected from namokanija, by infections with mushrooms and bugs-drevoedami. It is recommended to cover end faces of round forest product with clay, izvestju or a chalk that they not rastreskivalis, and the logs laid in stacks, it is necessary to hold under a canopy in a shade, having closed from different directions. Forest product periodically should be examined and processed an antiseptic tank against mushrooms and bugs-drevoedov.