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Technics pilenija


Before to start a cutting of a log, a bar, a board or other material, it is necessary to mark it. A material on length mark a pencil on a ruler, a surface gauge or on the line punched by a cord. At a cutting on preparations a material mark in metre and put small hyphens-labels, at a cutting on length leave risks in the form of continuous or dotted (fig. 12, lines.

Certain skills also are quickly necessary For work as a saw purely. pilenija the joiner directs a saw cloth to time directly after risk, but more often about it. That the rack luchkovoj did not prevent to observe a saw of cloth movement, it povertyvajut the handle in the right party and establish at an angle 30-40°.

Such position luchkovoj saws conveniently for work: it allows to saw off the ends of thick logs and bruskov, to saw wide boards on long bruski. At a cutting of a board or bruska lengthways, vrazmashku the saw cloth needs to be turned so that it was at right angle to luchku. Thus a material press to verstachnoj to a board clamps. That other end of a material did not hang down, under it put a support.

Technics pilenija: and - carrying out risok and labels on a square: 1 - labels; 2, 3 - risks; - the device has washed down; in - pilenie across; g - pilenie along fibres at a vertical arrangement of a material; e - pilenie with the help stusla

12. Technics pilenija :
And - carrying out risok and labels on a square: 1 - labels; 2, 3 - risks; - the device has washed down; in - pilenie across; g - pilenie along fibres at a vertical arrangement of a material; e - pilenie with the help stusla

To saw boards or other material strictly after risk or a label, it is necessary to make first of all has washed down, that is to saw through a flute depth 5-10мм. For this purpose a saw put after a label or risk or near them on the left side of a material.

To a label or risk put a nail or a joint of a thumb of the left hand, and to them - a cloth of a saw and carry out has washed down with smooth movement of a saw nasebja without pressing it (fig. 12.

The Beginning joiner can direct a saw in has washed down with a tree piece. Having executed has washed down, clean hands from it on 150-250мм and start to pileniju vrazmashku for all length of a cloth. Without has washed down pilenie in all scope it is unsafe. In an operating time a saw hold one or two hands. It is necessary to remember what to saw wood and especially lengthways it is desirable at least on one ostrogannoj for the party on which it is easier to spend risks and they are more sharply allocated.

Nozhovki always hold one hand, luchkovye saws at pilenii across - one hand, and vrazmashku - two.

Cross-section pilenie (fig. 12, carry out so. A material mark, put labels, stack it on a workbench, press to an emphasis that the sawn off part of wood was on weight, and the left hand strongly kept a material. The right hand take nozhovku or luchkovuju a saw for a rack closely to the handle. Zapilivajut on a label with saw movement on itself, and after performance has washed down saw in all scope of a cloth of a saw, watching its position. Upon termination of pilenija it is necessary to support a sawn off part of wood the left hand to prevent its breaking off.

Longitudinal pilenie at horizontal position of a material (fig. 12, carry out so. A material stack on a workbench so that the sawn off part supported workbench edge, and hung over it is easier-as though, and fix clamps. Pilenie carry out raspashnoj a saw which hold two hands. Right hold for the handle, and left - for a rack or srednik. Thus a saw cloth povertyvajut on some corner in relation to machine tool racks. At first do has washed down against or nearby risks on depth not less 5-10мм, and probably and it is more. Some joiners consider that has washed down should be height for all width of a cloth of a saw, and only then saw in all scope, that is with might and main length of a cloth.

Pilenie can be carried out free movements vrazmah, pressing a saw to a bottom has spent on drink at its working-class movement from top to down and forward. At a saw raising upwards, that is at single movement, the saw should be taken away a little back. Sawing lengthy materials, their ends follows opirat on verstachnye supports. At a clip of a cloth of a saw behind it, in has spent on drink, insert a small wedge, expanding the sawn through line and reducing a saw friction about a sawn material. It is necessary to saw so that hands worked only, and the case remained without movement. If at each wave of a saw to bend the case, you will quickly get tired. It is necessary to work in free overalls.

Longitudinal vertical pilenie (fig. 12, a rather short material carry out so. A material with the spent risks clamp in a workbench vice that the end of a board leaving a clip did not fluctuate at pilenii. If the material fluctuates, it hold with a hand. Having fixed a material, do has washed down and then saw for all length of a cloth without the big pressing it.

Pilenie with the help stusla (fig. 12, widespread in joiner's business. Stuslo reminds itself a tray consisting of a bottom and two lateral walls, brought down by nails which should be in thickness of wood. On walls do the prosaws reaching the bottom: one - at right angle, to internal planes of walls, and two - at an angle 45°. Stuslo it is frequent krepjat to a workbench. A board or brusok put in stuslo, press to one wall precisely against has spent on drink. Into prosaws insert a cloth luchkovoj saws or nozhovku and saw a material under the necessary corner. Accuracy of a cutting depends on width has spent on drink in walls. If the cloth starts to depart freely aside, stuslo replace. Many produce it from firm breeds of a tree that it served longer. Marriage at a wood cutting manual saws is caused by following reasons: Wrong divorce and sharpening of teeths (it turns out rough, not rectilinear and rough raspil), and also a warp of a cloth of a saw (it turns out has spent on drink, not perpendicular plasti or a board edge). Therefore during time pilenija it is necessary to be attentive and to use well ground and directed tool.

To Saw wood on preparations it is possible on nestroganoj (to punch risks and to saw) and ostroganoj surfaces. For example, if it is necessary to saw a board on separate bruski it is possible ostrogat one plast sherhebelem or plast and an edge, and then to spend risks and to saw. In the latter case risks are more sharply allocated and on them it is more convenient to observe of a saw course.