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Technology of polishing


Polish usually the products executed from melkoporistoj of wood with a beautiful structure: a nut, mahogany, the Karelian birch, a black rosewood, a pear, a maple, a birch, an ash-tree, a poplar, an apple-tree.

Polishing by polishes is difficult, the labour-intensive process consisting of several separate operations: priming, polishing, drying by spirit. Work is necessary for carrying out in a dry, light, warm and pure premise at temperature 18-20°Р. Polishing is recommended to be carried out a tampon.

For simplification of sliding of a tampon on a polished surface it is necessary to grease its working party slightly with vegetative, vaseline or transformer oil (one-two drop).

Priming carry out 12-14%-s' alkaline polish, simultaneously strewing a surface pumiceous powder. Mixing up with polish, it is in regular intervals distributed on a surface and fills a wood time. Powder is better for filling in a kapron stocking. At first it is recommended to walk on a surface a tampon moistened with polish, then on the left layer to strew powder that it stuck to polish and further to carry out priming.

At first priming carry out without oil. Oil use, after all surface becomes in regular intervals matte, and the tampon will start to stick to a surface.

Finish priming when all surface becomes shining, smooth, it will not be appreciable a time, and also various defects.

In the course of priming on a surface put nearby 150 lasov. After priming the detail or a product maintain or dry in a dry easy premise at air temperature 18-20°Р not less than three days (better 6-7), then grind the oiled fine-grained skin, it is desirable were in the use as it grinds more purely, without leaving scratches. Instead of a skin it is possible to apply the pumiceous powder mixed with water to density of paste, but work should be carried out a new tampon. Grinding is better for conducting along fibres, slightly pressing a surface. Well shlifovannoe the product or a detail dry within 2 days, the dust which has settled on them delete a soft rag or a brush.

the First polishing is carried out 8-10 by%-s' shellachnoj polish (to 100 g polishes add one table spoon of spirit).

Having laid as the product is necessary, the grounded surface wipe a dry rag. In a tampon pour polish so that it was in regular intervals moistened, and at easy pressing its working surface a finger polish acted. Check a tampon on the separate sample - it should leave quickly disappearing damp trace of polish.

Tampon Movement at the first polishing occurs so. Spend a straight line, and on it - a zigzag crossed straight line. Especially attentively it is necessary to polish edges.

Oil add for tampon sliding only when it will start to stick to a surface. Slightly oil a finger-tip and leave it on a tampon two-three points (as a whole no more small drop). From surplus of oil the polished film grows turbid and demands longer drying.

At the first polishing on a surface put nearby 150 lasov, that is cover with its most thin, well pounded layers of polish. From it the surface becomes smooth, a little shining, without strips, stains and the blank time. A product after that dry within 12 days at air temperature +18-20°Р.

If after drying defects the first polishing repeat are found out.

the Second polishing carry out only on well dried up previous polishing. A new tampon fill with polish and carry out it zigzag movements with the subsequent return of a tampon in the form of loops through the first zigzags. For this operation put on a surface nearby 150 lasov. Oil add after deterioration of sliding of a tampon. Finish work when on all surface there will be an equal mirror luster.

The Product dry not less than 6-10 days in a dry, warm, easy premise. A product surface attentively examine, clear of a possible dust a pure dry soft fabric and start the third polishing.

the Third polishing carry out more liquid - 6-8%-s' polish. For this purpose 100 g usual polish dilute with two table spoons of spirit or solvent on which it is prepared. Polishing carry out in faster rate and without oil. A tampon leave on a surface the longitudinal and cross-section eights along a surface, then - across.

In all cases of polishing put by a tampon lasy polishes should adjoin closely to each other and necessarily block edges before put lasov.

After the third polishing proof mirror luster should turn out, and the surface to be absolutely smooth.

the Fourth polishing is necessary only for removal of matte sites on a surface. Preliminary a product dry within 8-10 days, and then start polishing.

Mirror luster of the polished surface without any defects says that work is ended, and it is possible to start without endurance drying.

As a rule, after polishing on a product surface there are traces of oil in the form of a dark blue touch which is necessary for removing. Do it by means of special drying (vypolirovki).

To drying performance often apply 96%-s' spirit, but to work as it it is necessary skilfully, differently it forms "яЁюцюуш" (matte stains). Such marriage correct repeated polishing.

Therefore it is better to apply less active structures, for example a mix of polish and salty water (30 g table salt on 1. For structure preparation take equal parts of salty water and polish, for example for 100 Structure warm up on weak fire before full subsidence of shellac. Settled liquid merge, filter and use instead of spirit. A fresh tampon slightly moisten in this solution and quickly, with easy pressing, do circular or wavy movements, without detaining a tampon on one place.