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Technology of varnishing


Varnishing - the most widespread kind of furnish. Quality of a varnish film depends on mark of the chosen varnish, a way of drawing and quantity of coverings. Varnishing can be carried out oil, spirit or nitrovarnishes.

Oil varnishes are recommended for all kinds of wood. They form the strongest moisture resistant coverings with strong rigid shine, demand long drying.

The Varnish is put a tampon or a brush by 1 or 2 times.

Spirit varnishes give an elastic film with softer shine, than at an oil varnish, but less waterproof. As the best the varnishes prepared on shellac just for decoration are considered. They dry up for 1-1,5 ch.

Nitrovarnishes give proof enough, with strong shine a film, waterproof enough, stronger, than spirit varnishes, and dry up for 15-25 minutes

Nitrovarnishes put on all breeds of wood of 3-5 times, more often a brush, it is better - dispersion.

Varnishing carry out also tampons from any, it is desirable for the woollen fabric which curtailed in whom and have been wrapped up by a linen fabric combined in two-three layer (the cotton fabric at a friction about a surface leaves pile).

At varnishing by a brush surpluses of the taken varnish wring out and put a varnish a thin layer along tree fibres. As the varnish quickly dries up also brush hair becomes rigid, the brush should be washed out periodically in spirit or other solution.

The Tampon for varnishing or polishing prepare so. Develop it and pour on whom of cotton wool or a wool a varnish or polish. Turn off and hold in a hand, as is shown in drawing 120, and.

Degree of a saturation of a tampon a varnish or polish check trial dabs on a board or plywood, it is obligatory strogannyh. Varnish or polish dabs should be fat enough, but not leave on a surface of smudges.

In process of work a tampon periodically fill with a varnish or polish. To dip a tampon into a varnish it is impossible, as it leaves rough dabs of different fat content on a surface that negatively affects quality of varnishing.

For varnishing spirit the varnish recommends to have some tampons. At first by one of tampons do trial dabs, define force of pressing to receive equal varnish coats. Having adjusted force of pressing, a tampon put to a surface, do fast movements along tree fibres so that edges of dabs-lasov were blocked (fig. 120,6).

The Matte film turns out after one - three coverings, matte-shining - three - six. After each covering the endurance is required; the first - 30-40 mines, the second - 50-60, the third - 1,5 ch, the fourth - 2,5 etc.

After drawing of the first varnish coat it well dry and grind a surface a fine-grained skin until it does not become absolutely smooth. Then a surface clear of a dust a pure rag or a dry-brush and again varnish, slightly diluted spirit. Well having dried a varnish coat, it grind a pumiceous powder with water or kerosene. This work carry out a separate tampon or wooden bruskom, covered with a fabric.

The Surface periodically wipe a sponge or a rag moistened in water, in kerosene. Having dried as it is possible is better, put the third layer of even more liquid varnish. The processed surface turns out with not so deep shine, but is much stronger, than at simple varnishing. For reception of deeper luster varnish coverings polish.

Polishing by polishes spirit varnish coverings carry out so. The varnished surface preliminary grind a pumiceous powder. For this purpose a surface at first cover with a thin layer vegetative or lubricating oil, strew a pumiceous powder from a gauze sack and grind sukonkoj or felt. After careful polishing a surface wipe a pure dry fabric and start polishing.

The Tampon with polish put krugoobraznye lasy. That the tampon did not stick to a surface and is easier slid, on its working party put 2-3 drops vaseline or vegetable oil. Scope of movements or scope lasov should be in 4-5 times more diameter of a tampon. A tampon do not lower on a surface, and as though pull sliding movement. Having processed all surface in one direction, without tearing off a tampon, begin processing in the return. For each reception put on a surface 30-50 lasov - the most thin layers of polish, and then dry 3-5 ch or more and again put the same quantity lasov. Having dried 6-12 ch or more, spend the third polishing, putting the same quantity lasov. On 1ΠΌ 2 it is required 300-400 g polishes. In the course of polishing it is necessary to fill a tampon with polish in due time.

Varnishing by oil varnishes . these varnishes put on a surface 3-4 times, mainly a brush. Thus on a surface there are fatter layers which well spread, especially if a varnish warmed up. The varnish dries 8-48 ch. For drying acceleration add sikkativ. Each subsequent layer put after full drying previous.

Varnishing by nitrovarnishes. Varnish coats put a brush along fibres fast longitudinal one-way traffics. The covering is carried out by 3-4 times with endurance of each layer not less than 2 ch. A brush periodically wash out solvent of the necessary mark.