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Wood plates


Wood boards and plates in comparison with the board possess necessary durability and formoustojchivostju. Distinguish plates joiner's, plywood, wood-fiber, drevesnostruzhechnye.

Joiner's plates produce pasting narrow reek in boards of the big sizes. Rejki for a board take pine, fur-tree or from the deciduous breeds, stuck together on a smooth fugue, in a groove, a crest and on rejku. Rejki stack so that they were not jarred on. A board from reek name a basis on which from both parties on synthetic glue in one or two layers paste lushchenyj an interline interval. The sizes of plates, mm: length - 2500-1800, width - 1525-1220, a thickness - 16-50. Store joiner's plates in the dry closed warehouses or sheds. Apply to manufacturing of doors, partitions, floors and furniture.

Plywood plates - consist of several layers lushchenogo an interline interval, stuck together among themselves synthetic glue. The sizes of plates, mm: length - 1525, width - 1220, a thickness - 15, 20, 25, 30, 45. The basic difference from kleenoj plywood - a considerable thickness of plates. Apply to the various purposes.

Wood-fiber plates consist of the wood or other vegetative fibres accordingly crushed, mixed with special structures and at a heat and the big pressure pressed in a homogeneous material. Plates produce several marks: M - soft, PT - semifirm, T - firm, ST - superfirm.

Wood-fiber plates apply to the device of walls, partitions, door cloths, panels, for a covering of ceilings, furnish of houses and furniture.

Soft plates produce in the length 1200-3000, in the width - 1200-1700 and thickness 12, 16 and 25мм.

Semifirm, firm and superfirm plates make in the length 1200-5500 and width 1000-2140мм.

The Thickness of semifirm plates makes 6, 8, 12мм, and firm and superfirm plates-2,5; 3,2; 4,5 and 6мм. The most widespread format of plates-2700X1200 and 2700x1700мм. Superfirm plates, unlike firm and semifirm, in the course of manufacturing paint or ground from an obverse surface and apply to a covering of floors.

Plates firm with a paint and varnish covering produce one-colour and multi-colour, with decorative printing drawing. An enamel covering of plates with firmness to water influence. Apply to furnish of bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and various premises where there is a raised humidity of air.

Sound-proof (acoustic) plates produce from soft and firm plates of types And, V

  • type And - plates single-layered in the thickness 12,5 and 20мм with not through round punching in diameter 4-5мм, depth 0,7мм;
  • type - plates two-layer in the thickness 16 and 20мм;
  • type In - plates single-layered with through round or shchelevidnoj punching.

Apply acoustic plates to furnish of walls and ceilings. Drevesnostruzhechnye plates on durability come nearer to wood of coniferous breeds. Are hard cut, but well stick together both on plasti, and on edges.

Plates produce single-layered and three-layer, revetted lushchenym and stroganym an interline interval, continuous and multihollow, shlifovannye and neshlifovannye. Depending on density happen different weight 500-800кг. Plates let out several marks: ПС-1 - flat pressing, average density, single-layered; ПТ-1-плоского pressing, heavy, single-layered, etc. Plates of marks ПТ-1, ПС-1, ПТ-3, ПС-3 have length 1800-3600, width 1220-1830 and a thickness 10-25мм, plates of other marks-almost the same sizes, but other thickness. For example, plates EM - ekstruzi-onnogo pressing, multihollow produce in the thickness 27 52мм. Apply to the device of ceilings, floors, walls and partitions, and also for manufacturing of the built in furniture etc.

Wooden details and products. To this group of details carry platbands, plinths, galteli, hand-rail, boards for a flooring of wearing floors, apportions, etc. (fig. 4). All these products stroganye or as them name, milled. Produce different length, the basic is considered 2100мм and more with gradation 100, that is 2200, 2300мм and more. The majority of wooden details antiseptirujut, paint, and window covers and doors glaze.

Wooden details and products for building; and - platbands; - plinths; in - hand-rail; g - boards for a flooring of wearing floors; d - bruski for a flooring of wearing floors; e - boards for facing of wooden houses; - shpuntovye connections of boards: 1 - c a fold; 2 - a direct thorn; 3 - a segment thorn; 4 - trapetseidalnym a thorn; 5 - treugolnym a thorn; 6 - rejkoj in shpunt; 3 - parkentye boards; and - parquet boards; to - a parquet lath on "цхё=ъѕ¦ Ёхщъѕ"

4. Wooden details and products for building :
And - platbands; - plinths; in - hand-rail; g - boards for a flooring of wearing floors; d - bruski for a flooring of wearing floors; e - boards for facing of wooden houses; - shpuntovye connections of boards:
1 - c a fold; 2 - a direct thorn; 3 - a segment thorn; 4 - trapetseidalnym a thorn; 5 - treugolnym a thorn; 6 - rejkoj in shpunt; 3 - parkentye boards; and - parquet boards; to - a parquet lath on "цхё=ъѕ¦ Ёхщъѕ"

Platbands - rather narrow thin stroganye boards, with the maximum width 74мм, the elementary profile. Apply to registration of door and window boxes, and also for closing of cracks between walls and partitions. In platbands from the inside with a space from edges on 10мм choose deepening in 2мм which provides dense prileganie them to walls and partitions.

Beautiful platbands for wooden rublenyh houses produce usually in the width 100-150м, applying to planing every possible kalevki.

Plinths and galteli the simple and difficult form apply to crack closing between a floor and a wall, and also for protection of walls from pollution at washing of floors. Krepjat plinths and galteli not to a floor, and to walls. Thus, they not only close a crack, but also press floor boards to beams or logs and especially on their face parties.

Hand-rail produce for a metal handrail. However their such form, but bolshej can be applied thickness with success and at the device of wooden ladders. The form of hand-rail can be different, with selection every possible kalevok.

Boards apply to a flooring of wearing floors of two types in the thickness 28 and 36мм. Such boards demand more frequent flooring of beams or a log that at circulation they did not cave in. Boards have width 68-138мм. On one party of a board there is a groove, on another - a crest. Depth of a groove - 7, a thickness - 6 or 9мм. The thickness of a crest is equal to a thickness of a groove, but its depth should be on 1мм less. It is necessary for more dense adjunction, and edges of boards have necessary skosy. From the bottom party of boards, on distance 15мм from edges, choose deepening (prospirit) in 2мм, provides dense prileganie boards to beams or logs and provides ventilation. From the bottom party of a board process an antiseptic tank.

Bruski for a flooring of floors replace boards. A thickness bruskov - 28, width - 35-55мм, without considering a crest. They also have on the one hand a groove, with another - a crest, the bottom party equal, but for more dense prileganija to beams or logs in bruskah it is better to choose deepening.

Boards for a covering of wooden houses let out two types in the thickness 13мм. Width of boards of the first type - 49, 68, 88 and 118мм, the second - 33, 62 and 82мм. Boards of this kind are simple for making the hands, applying the necessary tool to sample of grooves and crests.

Produce also blocks window with covers or door with cloths. Often them deliver the glazed. Their sizes different.

In practice often are required various shpuntovye connections, for example, board doors on shponkah to produce from shpuntovannyh the boards executed with a fold, and various partitions with dense, not blown seams - from boards with different thorns better.

Parquet coverings widely use for furnish of houses. The strong bases, in this case the so-called subfloor arranged from thick dry antiseptirovannyh of boards are necessary for their application.

Parquet coverings subdivide into parquet boards, parquet boards, a piece parquet.

Parquet boards consist of two layers. The first layer - a usual board, or the basis, width 145, 160мм, a thickness with the second layer - 25-27мм. From one edge of a board there is a groove, with another - a crest. From the bottom party of a board on its length prosaws on depth 3Д thickness of a board, through 20-30мм are arranged. It protects boards from koroblenija. From above across a board parquet laths are pasted on synthetic waterproof glues. A thickness of laths from a pine and a larch - 8мм, from other breeds of a tree - 6мм. In parquet boards to beams or logs krepjat nails, hammering and, h into grooves.

Parquet boards consist of the wooden basis and the top obverse covering. Boards of the different sizes krepjat to a subfloor nails.

the Piece parquet are separate laths in length 150-500мм, width 30-90мм and thickness 15мм. On edges of laths there are grooves and crests.